MESSE07: Traktor Skratch Hardware Integration

Native Instruments launches Traktor Skratch Certified DJ mixer integration      30/03/07

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MESSE07: Traktor Skratch Hardware Integration

Native Instruments have announced Traktor Scratch Certified, a certification program that will enable selected premium DJ mixers with integrated audio interface to fully integrate with the company's upcoming vinyl-controlled DJ system. The certification will ensure that these mixers will work in perfect harmony with Traktor Scratch. Owners of certified mixers will also be able to purchase a special-priced Traktor Scratch Upgrade Kit, which upgrades the mixer into a high-performance DJ system that is ready to be hooked up to a computer, turntables and CD players.
With the emergence of DJ mixers that include digital audio interface and control features, Native Instruments has created the certification program to maximize the interoperability of these products with Traktor Scratch without possibly compromising the advanced performance and reliability of the system. Mixers that receive certification are carefully selected and tested for complete functional integration, and for their capability to process the high-resolution control signal of Traktor Scratch with maximum precision and minimum latency.

"Traktor Scratch Certified" mixers that feature MIDI-enabled faders, knobs and similar control elements will also include performance-ready Traktor Scratch controller assignments, allowing DJs to control effects and other performance parameters within the software from the mixer instantly with no additional setup or configuration.
The certification program will also allow Traktor Scratch users to instantly hook up their computers in clubs that have a "Traktor Skratch Certified" mixer installed, without having to bring the Audio 8 DJ interface that is part of the regular Traktor Scratch package.
"Traktor Scratch Certified" mixers currently include the d.2Pro and d.4Pro models from Mackie, and the Zero4 and Zero8 mixers from Korg. The range of certified mixers will expand in the future as more products get certified by Native Instruments.
Pricing and Availability:
Owners of certified mixers will be able to purchase a special upgrade kit that contains the Traktor Skratch software as well as high-resolution control vinyls and CDs. The Traktor Skratch Upgrade Kit will be available in June 2007 for EUR 299 / $ 339. More information:

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