Project 5 Updated

Cakewalk add loads of new features in v2.5      26/04/07
Project 5 Updated

Cakewalk tell us that Project5 Version 2.5 is now available as a free download to registered Project5 Version 2.x customers.
New Features
  • Microsoft Windows® Vistaâ„¢ Compatibility
  • Dimension Pro LE (with REX support)
  • Multiple Audio Input/Output Support
  • Control Surface Support
  • Active Controller Technologyâ„¢ (ACT)
  • Support for 3rd Party Audio Editors
  • Configurable MIDI Outputs
  • Integrated VST Support
  • MIDI Input Quantize
  • External MIDI Track
  • Independent Vertical Track Sizing
  • Integrated Automation Display
  • Pre and Post Aux Sends
  • Unlimited Aux Buses
  • Dynamic Master Buses
  • Busable Metronome
  • Assignable Master Volume Control
  • Save Pattern as MIDI
  • Track-at-once CD burning
  • Cakewalk Publisher
Pricing and Availability:
Free download to registered Project5 Version 2.x customers. More information:


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    eric    Said...

    Hmmm... I tried the demo for that a while ago and thought it was really strange that it didn't sequence external hardware and also wasn't too pleased with the dx wrapper thing. But the workflow is really nice and it could be a strong contender to reason and live if it's done properly.

    26-Apr-07 06:51 AM

    DJ Sean Sax    Said...

    It's seems as if Cakewalk has taken many of the new features from the recently released Sonar 6 and intergrated them into Project 5. A feature such as ACT on it's own would be enough to draw live performers and studio composers to Project 5. Cakewalk's marketing team just has to do a better job of letting people know just how good Project 5 really is. The fact that I'm a registered Project 5 owner and the first time I'm hearing about this update is through Sonic State is not a good sign :-)

    26-Apr-07 10:31 AM

    Society9    Said...

    Good luck - I loaded the version 2.5 update and it could not initialize my audio as a result. Contacted Tech Support three different times - each time they told me to delete a P5Aud.ini file - well the file does not even exist. Finally had to uninstall the whole damn thing

    14-Jul-07 11:22 AM

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