Buy A Synth From Kraftwerk Studio

German producer Conny Plank has a studio sale      10/05/07

Buy A Synth From Kraftwerk Studio
Conny's OSCar - 1800 Euros and it’s yours

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We found out about this one from our friends at Matrixsynth: Conny Plank is having a liquidation sale of gear from the studio that was host to the likes of Brian Eno, Devo, Ultravox and, of course, Kraftwerk.
Up for grabs are the mixing desk, microphones, outboard processors and several keyboards including Emulator, Odyssey, OSCar, Wasp and a Rhodes Mk1. Some of the gear has already been sold but at the time of writing those keyboards were still available so check out the website if you want to buy some gear associated with one of the main men in the history of electronic music.
Pricing and Availability:
See website for details.
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