Top 20 Greatest Synths - Episode 8 (#1)

And the number one slot goes to....      23/05/07

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Top 20 Greatest Synths - Episode 8 (#1)

<Top 20 Greatest Synths - Episode 8

As poodle rockers Europe once said, "it's the Final Countdown" and here we are at the number one position on the Top 20 Greatest Synths of all time.
It's been quite a journey spread over 14 weeks, 8 episodes and all types of synths, romplers, racks and keyboards from the ARP Solina to the Mini Moog.

First of all a big thanks to the thousands and thousands of viewers that have stuck with the show from the start, and to the others that we've picked up along the way. The response has been awesome even down to the raging debates about chart positions and inclusions or omissions that the show (inevitably) kicked off.

Look out for an updated edition of the show's playlist featuring more indepth demos and added extras. Also there'll be some one-off news and video items coming up from the Top 20 Synths in the next few months.

In the mean time - to view the entire series go Here

GForce Software MINIMONSTA Giveaway! those generous folks have donated a full copy of their highly regarded Minimonsta Melohman plug-in to One lucky recipient. Draw result to be announced shortly - stay tuned!

And what of the new Top Twenty Weirdest Instruments series?
"This series is less chart-based than the Top 20 Synths. It will have a different feel to it with a lot of emphasis on the instruments," said Power. "We've already lined up some interviews that I'm really excited about. I can't wait to get started. It's been great fun putting these series together for Sonic."

You can vote for your top 3 weirdest instruments here.
In the meantime let's get on with the show!

<1. Mini Moog
Without a doubt the Mini Moog displays all the qualities of greatness that you could hope for in a single instrument. When it went on the market in 1970 it changed the face of modern electronic instrumentation forever. It's features and layout were innovative, groundbreaking and meticulously designed. By the time the prototypes had reached Model D, many of its idiosyncrasies had been ironed out and musicians and producers alike were able to enjoy it’s unparalleled sound.
Its arsenal of features include a 4-pole (24 dB/oct) low-pass with the typical cutoff, resonance, ADSR envelope and keyboard tracking controls. The filters were the envy of all other synth manufacturers and rivals ARP were slapped with a lawsuit for attempting a straight copy in the ARP Odyssey.
The modulation possibilities range from the sublime to the extreme and with 3 oscillators and a choice of waveforms all the necessary tools are present to create a wide range of synthesised sound. Add to this external sound processing, A440 reference tone, a sleek wooden casing and lots of sexy knobs and it becomes clear why the Mini Moog comes out top of the pile.
This episode features an exclusive Sonic State interview with Bob Moog filmed during Moog's 50th Anniversary at WNAMM 2004 and footage from the much acclaimed Moog documentary by Hans Fjellestad. We hope that this episode is a fitting tribute to the man who will always be considered as the father of modern synthesis.

People who voted for the Mini Moog include:
kandokoro, loop, oliver sekunda, s.menninger, nikoszp, roderick macquarrie, andy furguson, shane king, tylern wilcox, mike jerugim, stefan schoenhof, dss?dood, sebastian lunoe, hz, leftbrain, rainsoff, neomad, d_loc66, bobhanna, alan longhire, nadabrahma, quaz1, bucktunes, abillias, chingalasos, jswedlund, sam kenney, tschedin, qwave, dieter198, uwe_klaeschen, p.e.todd, willhowl, museslave, thm, john reading, keyaction372, musicmanny, jsepeta, sdconvoy, klingklang and many, many more!

Thanks to Marc Doty for his Mini Moog demo filmed for Sonic in 2006.

So that's it! Remember, you can visit any time to watch any of the episodes in the playlist and there's also talk of one day releasing the entire programme on DVD. Let us know your thoughts on that.
Meantime, a big thanks for watching the series and a huge thanks to everyone involved who gave up their time to take part.

This has been the Top 20 Greatest Synths of all time... Ever!

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Even more news...

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arclight    Said...

I know, I know, we all saw it coming, but the MiniMoog certainly is the greatest synth ever made. Thanks for making such a fitting tribute to such a wonderful machine made by such a wonderful man!

23-May-07 06:47 AM

Moogerfooger    Said...

Groan...... You didn't even pronounce Moog correctly...

23-May-07 02:37 PM

Narf    Said...

Thanks for this top 20 Greatest Synths. I've learn much.

23-May-07 04:48 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

A great final episode for this highly entertaining series. The editing must have been a lot of work but it certainly looks the part.

Any chance there'll be a director's cut on download or dvd at some point with higher quality and longer versions of the interviews and demos?

In any case, I'm looking forward to the 20 weirdest instruments already!

23-May-07 05:39 PM

Peter Kadar    Said...

This was a great series. Thanks a ton. What a great ending!

24-May-07 09:11 AM

digit62    Said...

For all you Moog freaks out there i can recommend following essential reading :

Analog Days The Invention and Impact of the Moog Synthesizer by Trevor Pinch Frank Trocco

this gives you the full Moog story and more (Buchla, ARP & EMS).

Great series - undisputed number 1

May the spirit of Bob live on for infinity

25-May-07 01:33 PM

megatheodor    Said...

I΄m disappoindet because i think the number one is only for the casio VL-tone only ,but i will compromise because in the top is minimoog.Thanks for the 8 episodes:)

filia apo Ellada!

25-May-07 04:43 PM

moog    Said...

moog rock

10-Jun-07 08:56 AM

Steampunk    Said...

it's it's pronounced Moge not MOOOOOOG the o is short

09-Nov-07 08:57 PM

Lil' Phatty    Said...

It wasn't a surprising ending, especially when they don't show the minimoog, which everyone knew HAD to appear, for the entire series.

05-Mar-08 05:20 PM


Shame about number 1, very predictable.

Also a HUGE shame you missed the PPG Wave off your list, one of the synths that formed the shape of the sound the 80's, and it got missed off. it should've at least be in at number 4, if not higher.

13-Jul-08 02:11 PM

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