Brass Collection Launches Virtual Instrument Series

Wallander Instruments WIVI series makes its debut      25/05/07
Brass Collection Launches Virtual Instrument Series

Wallander Instruments have introduced the WI Visual Instruments series - collections of virtual instruments that combine advanced behavioral modeling with extensive amounts of sound data extracted from acoustic measurements and recordings of real instruments. The first release is a brass collection - Brass1.
Wallander say that the WIVI instruments are distinguished by their extreme realism and expressive capabilities. They tell us that even advanced performances and lyrical melodies can be created instantly and that you have full continuous dynamic range of each instrument at your disposal, and a tonal development that almost perfectly emulates that of a real instrument.
The WIVI wind instruments are designed to work flawlessly with a breath or wind controller. Advanced controllers are optional, but the key issue is that WIVI is designed to provide full expressiveness while maintaining stability, phrasing and tonal development automatically. Wallander say that, unlike anything you're used to, WIVI instruments behave, sound and respond like real instruments.
All WIVI instruments are designed, say Wallander, to sound like the real thing out-of-the-box, while also providing full control over advanced parameters for users with special needs. Parameters can be used to design custom instruments, for a more personal sound and behavior.
Brass 1
Brass 1 is the first instrument collection in the WIVI series. It contains a full setup of the basic instruments included in an orchestral brass section, although all instruments fit in non-orchestral settings equally well.
Wallander say that the realism and flexibility of Brass 1 is currently unparalleled, and that they actually encourage comparisons to real instruments and authentic recordings, as they believe that the Brass 1 instruments can be expected to sound more like a real instrument than any other sample library or synth available today.
They tell us that each and every instrument included in Brass 1 is a highly developed instrument model, that responds realistically to velocity and breath controller data. When working with Brass 1 you put together your own choice of instruments for your ensemble, where each instrument is a solo quality instrument on its own.
Many brass instruments have a tradition of extensive sordino usage. All customary performance mutes are also available, for all instruments, in Brass 1. This include special mutes, such as a variety of wah-wah mutes that can be controlled in real-time, using a mod wheel or any other controller to open and close your hand over the bell.
Brass 1 comes in two editions, a professional edition and a trial edition. The trial edition is a free download, and is meant to be used for previewing the engine, and to demonstrate the capabilities of the WIVI instruments. It is recommended by Wallander that you always try the Brass 1 trial edition on your computer before purchase, as it uses an engine similar to that of all full version WIVI synthesizers.
Brass 1 - Professional Edition
    • Universal player
    • Full set of instruments
    • Unlimited number of instruments per instance
    • Customizable instrument parameters
    • Customizable reverb
    • Easy integration with external reverbs
    • Sample rates: 6 - 384 kHz
    • Multiple environments
    • Multiple visual themes
    • Subscription to the update delivery service
    • For commercial use
    Instruments Included
    • Trumpets 1, 2, 3 (in Bb): No mute, straight mute, cup mute, bucket mute, solotone mute, harmon mute/no stem, harmon mute/stem inserted (wah-wah), harmon mute/stem extended (wah-wah), plunger mute (wah-wah).
    • Tenor Trombones 1, 2, 3: No mute, straight mute, cup mute, bucket mute, harmon mute/no stem, harmon mute/stem inserted (wah-wah), harmon mute/stem extended (wah-wah), plunger mute (wah-wah).
    • French Horns 1, 2, 3, 4: No mute, stopped, straight mute, dynamic stop (wah-wah).
    • Tubas 1, 2 (in F): No mute, straight mute.
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