Studio Fun: Synclavier in Sarm West - 1980 Something

Steve Lipson and Claudia Brukner      31/05/07
Another one of those Did We Really Used to Do That items. Looks like a clip from the BBC series Tomorrows World – which was a prime time tv show dedicated to new technology. (amazingly, there’s nothing like it on UK tv anymore – go figure). So, there’s the enthusiastic puppy presenter, Steve Lipson, Claudia and a Synclavier. Enjoy


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beej    Said...

Yes, this was the Tomorrow's World music special, I still have a copy of this. Especially as I was a huge Propaganda/Claudia Brucken/Act fan at the time.

Other segments on the same show, include Midge Ure talking about his ulrta-powerful and yet highly portable composing rig he takes with him on tour (portable meaning: Atari ST + Monitor, D50, RX5, two TX81Z's and an SPX90, a DMP7, speakers etc. Of course, he could afford roadies!)

And a TV composer mocking up convincing classic recordings using, er, a DX7, an S900 and an 8-track tape machine...

Let's face it - back in the day.. it was crap then, wasn't it? We just didn't realise *how* crap and just got on with it...

31-May-07 03:23 PM

dok whammo    Said...

yeh it did sound crap, this kind of cheesy synclavier/emulator art-of-noise-ish type stuff... maybe a couple things were cool - that one song that was in all those movies.. "chick - chicka-chickahhh... rerrr. bow bow..(do do do do do do do do) ...bow bow.."

then again, plenty of other synth music from the 70s and 80s still sounds great today..

so its not exactly an excuse for it really

02-Jun-07 10:26 PM

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