Duran Duran Lightshow Guitar

Watch the video of the Nick Rhodes Strat      04/06/07

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We ran a story a few months ago about the RockCouture guitar exhibition at Harrods. One of the guitars was designed by Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes – a 'Pixelator' Fender Stratocaster with video screen and complete with laptop computer and software. Nick Rhodes' vision was a guitar that could be used to create live video streaming. To accomplish this Sims Custom Shop installed a unique custom built circuit board incorporating 100's of tiny 4-colour LEDs. This was then built into the guitar body and placed behind a thin Plexiglass screen. Controlled by a laptop, this produces an infinite array of patterns and colour in motion, enabling the user to express themselves in their own unique fashion. The guitar is currently programmed with footage from Duran Duran's last world tour curated by Nick Rhodes.
The guitar has now been actioned for charity on eBay and made £3,200 GBP (Approximately US $6,337.28). Here’s a video of it… More information:

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