Drum Samples Recorded On Analogue Tape

BandmateLoops.com announces partnership with Sounds Like Drums for new multi-sampled drum collections      12/06/07
Drum Samples Recorded On Analogue Tape

BandmateLoops has announced new content partner Sounds Like Drums and unveiled a new line of SLD Virtual Instruments. Collectively built from a base of over ten-thousand individual samples, each product is geared to a specific genre such as Rock or Jazz. Bandmate tell us that all SLD Virtual Instruments utilize a one-hundred percent analog recording process from vintage mics to classic Studer 2-inch recorder on premium Quantegy GP9 tape. They say that the result is sound with a warmth and richness that is simply not achievable with even today’s digital recording. Supported instrument formats include Kontakt 2, Reason and iZotope's iDrum.
Sounds Like Drums president Michael Moushon told us, "We create tools using traditional analog recording methods for non-traditional desktop musicians. We focus on the quality of every sample, as well as providing the user with all musical subtleties of the instrument."
Scott Shapiro, president of SonicEmulations announced "We are proud to welcome Sounds Like Drums as an official BandmateLoops partner and feel they embody the very same passion and commitment to excellence we put into every product we sell."
New SLD Universal Virtual Instruments for Reason 3.0 and Kontakt 2:
  • SLD-001 SLD Rogers Blues Kit
  • SLD-003 SLD Rogers Jazz Kit
  • SLD-005 SLD Rogers Rock Kit
  • SLD-007 SLD DW Rock Pop Kit
New SLD Instruments for iDrum:
SLD Rogers Kits for iDrum are offered as six distinct libraries for flexible purchasing or customers may elect to get all six kits ( SLD Rogers - Complete BXC) at a discount.
  • SLD-020 SLD Rogers Blues Kit
  • SLD-021 SLD Rogers Brush Kit
  • SLD-022 SLD Rogers Jazz Kit
  • SLD-023 SLD Rogers Reggae Kit
  • SLD-024 SLD Rogers Rock Kit
  • SLD-025 SLD Rogers Film Score Kit
  • SLD-027 SLD DW Rock Pop Kit
  • SLD-026 SLD Rogers - Complete BXC. (SLD Rogers - Complete BXC features all six Roger's Kits plus Bandmates Xpanded Content).
Pricing and Availability:
    SLD Rogers Blues Kit $49.95 USD.
    SLD Rogers Jazz Kit ($59.95 USD.
    SLD Rogers Rock Kit $59.95 USD.
    SLD DW Rock Pop Kit $69.95 USD.
    SLD Kits for iDrum $19.95 USD.
    SLD Rogers - Complete BXC (iDrum Download) introductory price of $99.95 USD.
More information:

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