Top 20 Greatest Synths – Extra Bits

Stuff we couldnt fit in..      18/06/07

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Top 20 Greatest Synths – Extra Bits

"Back once again" as Fatboy Cook once said, "and this time it's personal."
No, not really, just more interview bits that we couldn't stuff into the first 8 episodes of the Top 20 Greatest Synths without bursting their seams.

What kind of thing?
Well, there’s Roger O’Donnel on how to blag an M1 (only works if you happen to be keyboard player with Britain’s number one goth band); Dave Smith on Eno and the Prophet 5; Will Gregory on Goldfrapp and the VCS3; Ade Utley on Mini Moog farts and Nick Batt on his journey through Leytonstone in search of an MS10. By the way you'll be relieved to here that Nick's Mum now owns a very nice car. (bashed up white Ford Fiesta actually! - Nick)
There’s also a series of out takes which mainly feature the Professor corpsing over the 'rather amusing' script (as it has been called in several blogs).

Oh, and there’s another clip from the upcoming Top 20 Weirdest Instruments featuring Chris Macleod talking about the uniquely wonderful Ondes Martinot and footage of the Professor in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

We hope you enjoy these extra bits and look out for more top entertainment coming your way from Sonic State TV... Soon!


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Martin    Said...

on some episode was Kurzweil K2000, wroted as Kurzveil, you forgot to speak a *word* about it.... :)

19-Jun-07 09:38 AM


I can make fart sounds with my armpits :) Not as fancy as on a Moog though.

Loved the series, love the bits that got cut out.


19-Jun-07 01:12 PM

Sven Labots    Said...

The Whole series were highly entertaining.I´d been on the lookout for every new episode.Thank you so much for that and keep up the good work! 1 little note though;how come the archetype Fairlight was never mentioned?

19-Jun-07 01:35 PM

Simon Power    Said...

Thanks Sven. We decided not to include samplers because we're doing a 'Greatest Samplers' series soon. Glad you enjoyed the series.

20-Jun-07 04:33 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

Loved to watch all the series. Thank you for making them!

btw, is it just me or the Quicktime (mp4) version of episode one has some issues ? I could never watch this version:

04-Dec-10 05:45 AM

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