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Fender launch fan-friendly website with new features and content      20/06/07
Fender Frontline Online

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) has launched an all-new consumer-friendly web site to better serve the community of music and instrument enthusiasts. The site features all new design and content elements, and a host of new features designed, say Fender, to reflect ‘The spirit of rock-n-roll’. Key features of the new online destination include: deeper, richer information and imagery on gear and artists; enhanced audio and video elements; gear demos; community forums and more.
Richard McDonald, Fender’s senior vice president of global marketing told us, “The newly expanded site is a response to the ever-increasing demand for all things Fender, and features the elements that are important to guitar enthusiasts and Fender fans worldwide.�
In an effort to make Fender.com a daily destination for music fans, the site has incorporated several new features including an Artist section that allows fans to get to know their favorite Fender artists through unique and rare audio and video content, as well as updated news, biographies and gear listings. Also new to the site is a new Community area which houses Fender’s first ‘official’ online discussion forum and downloadable desktop wallpaper images, with many more fun community-oriented features to come.
Product research has always been an integral component of Fender.com and this remains true with the new incarnation of the site. However, in the new site the entire user experience is wrapped in all-new updated Fender imagery throughout. This, together with a revamped online store, dealer finder, and customer support area combines to provide more Fender-centric information than ever before in a way that is engaging to musicians and music enthusiasts alike.
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    dizzy;    Said...

    Yeah, another website done in black with white text, greeeeeat.

    Fender makes so many variants of the same damn products, I wonder how many people can actually distinguish among: * American * American Deluxe * American Special * American Vintage * Artist * Classic * Custom Artist * Deluxe * Highway One * Showmaster Elite * Special Edition * Standard * Time Machine * Vintage Hot Rod


    21-Jun-07 07:23 AM

    madmax    Said...

    I haven't visited the site, so I wonder if they now have a way to ask questions via email. Once I wanted to know the thickness of the heavy 351 guitar picks. I went to the site, and instead of a way to email the question, the customer support page said to submit the question on the forums. FTS! I had to go to the UK site to submit my question(it's 1.0mm btw).

    "Fender makes so many variants of the same damn products"

    They should combine the fetures of the Roadhouse Strat and Big Apple Strat and call it the Road Apple Strat. Do a Google search if that didn't make you laugh!

    21-Jun-07 08:21 AM

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