Virtual Vocalist Makes Her Debut

Say hello to Sweet Ann, a virtual vocalist who sings your words and music      02/07/07
Virtual Vocalist Makes Her Debut

PowerFX have announced that they have released Sweet Ann, the first of their new line of vocal libraries which employs Yamaha’s Vocaloid2 upgraded software. Vocaloid software applications enable users to type in words and melody and have the vocal library ‘artist’ sing back the input.
PowerFX CEO Bil Bryant told us, “We are extremely excited about the release of Sweet Ann and developing vocal libraries for Vocaloid. Vocal synthesis and voice modelling is an evolving technology that is still in its infancy, but the developments and functions of Vocaloid 2 make it such an incredibly useful tool for any digital music maker that we had to get involved. I always looked at Vocaloid like the initial drum machines. I think innovative electronic musicians will really be able to make new and creative music based on the technology Yamaha has been developing.�
PowerFX say that Sweet Ann is a pure ‘popstress’ and that her realistic vocals include a warm vibrato and an unmatchable range. While she can sing lead or harmony parts, PowerFX really envisions her as essential to the music labs of producers and electronic dance artists who depend on unique vocals for their genre.
Sweet Ann’s vocals come from a real singer who was recorded extensively, enabling PowerFX to create a comprehensive library of her vocal sounds. Vocaloid software users type in words and assign melodies to Sweet Ann. She then emulates the words and notes given to her. Expressive effects, vibrato and dynamics can also be added to her singing.
PowerFX believe that all of this makes for an exciting songwriting and recording process. They say that users can compose using Sweet Ann as their demo vocalist, and even create and experiment with new musical styles, from remixes, vocal fx, and DJ scratch vocals, to jazz, pop, funky house music and electronica genres, all with the benefit of Sweet Ann as their virtual vocalist.
You can ear Sweet Ann sing a variety of styles at her MySpace page, located at Pricing and Availability:
Download version $149 USD
DVD version $169 USD
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    aspect    Said...

    Dude, nice concept but from the demo it kinda sucks... i can only see a use in electronica which limits its appeal considerably, and its only good for electronica if you need a fake sounding computer voice... in which case i could easily break out my commodore 64

    > Hello, I am Eliza...

    02-Jul-07 11:13 AM


    Fortunately the demo shows this technology has a long way to go. I personally hope it never arrives.

    03-Jul-07 12:12 PM


    Fortunately the demo shows this technology has a long way to go. I personally hope it never arrives.

    03-Jul-07 12:12 PM

    dzny    Said...

    Fortunately the demo shows this technology has a long way to go. I personally hope it never arrives.

    03-Jul-07 12:12 PM

    Marc JX8P    Said...

    Well, I'd like to see such a product but - like the last version - this still has a very nasal, short-of-breath quality which is unpleasant to listen to... Might as well sing myself. :-)

    04-Jul-07 05:01 AM

    Boo    Said...

    Sweet Ann is no improvement over Lola, and that sucked royally. This technology is going nowhere.

    18-Jul-07 10:28 PM

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