Melodyne Updates

Melodyne studio, cre8, uno and essential all get improvements      17/07/07
Melodyne Updates

Celemony’s Melodyne studio and Melodyne cre8 are now available in Version 3.2.
The highlight of Melodyne cre8 3.2 is a new algorithm for percussive material, which Celemony say represents an enormous improvement over the old one in terms of sound quality. Melodyne studio 3.2 comes with an improved Poly algorithm that now supports formant correction for polyphonic sounds. Also new in both cre8 and studio are the handy Zoom/Scroll faders that facilitate both orientation and navigation, an improved activation system that is far easier to use, a free iLok option, and various other improvements and bug fixes.
Coinciding with the new 3.2 versions for the larger Melodyne editions, Melodyne uno and Melodyne essential have also been updated to Version 1.8. Both Melodyne uno and Melodyne essential 1.8 feature a new algorithm for percussive material, handy Zoom/Scroll faders, an improved activation system, a free iLok option for uno, and various other improvements and bug fixes.
Pricing and Availability:
Registered users get the updates free of charge. More information:

Celemony Celemony Melodyne Editor 4 (Upgrade from Essential) - Polyphonic Pitch Shifting/Time Stretching Software (Download)

Celemony Melodyne Essential 4 - Pitch Shifting/Time Stretching Software (Download)

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