Top 5 Greatest Samplers - Trailer

Another Sonicstate TV series starts here..      05/09/07

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Yes, it’s another SonicTV series and this one’s all about digital sampling.
There’s loads of gear porn footage of ancient hardware as well as stacks of interviews with sound engineers, record producers and artists all keen to share their experiences with the growing number of SonicTV viewers.

There’s not only a countdown of the 5 most iconoclastic hardware samplers, but each episode will also feature a slot about the Art Of Sampling. A journey from the early sound piracy days of Stockhausen and Varese to current laptop samplers like Mark thingy and doobie wotsit (you know who I mean).

The professor’s back too, with his own surreal view of sampling and his unhealthy obsession with ‘that girl from the Human League’ (not the blonde one, the other one!). He’ll also be visualising samples for the hard of hearing and discussing ‘criminal’ sample overkill.

As well as romanticising about the golden age of sampling, we’ll be chatting to boffins and musos about the current state of the industry and the events, software and technology that will shape its future in years to come.

So as the nights draw in we can guarantee that there’ll be plenty for you to watch on SonicTV. Meantime, enjoy this trailer for the Top 5 Greatest Samplers of all time…EVER!

The series will be made up of a combination of editorial suggestions and the choices of the people we interview. The 'chart' format is used for entertainment value and is not intended to represent a definitive rundown.


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beej    Said...

Yay! The Prof's back...

05-Sep-07 06:45 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Fantastic! Looking forward to it!

06-Sep-07 06:32 AM

Tenori-one    Said...

hahahahaha - Frickin Will Smith! The Prof is more jiggy than him!

07-Sep-07 03:15 PM

digit62    Said...

My 13 year old does a good sampler imitation if you feed him enough beans. Can't wait for the series to start!!!

20-Sep-07 10:29 AM

Akai Z8 - The Best Sampler Ever    Said...

very iritating presentation.

Why don't you cut the crap and just give us the list you wuz?

07-Oct-07 05:44 PM

SP1200 + akai s950    Said...

akai z8 is the bes sampler ? HAHAHAHAHAH

29-Nov-07 09:38 PM

SP1200 + akai s950    Said...

akai Z8 is the best sampler ever ? HAHAHAHAHAHH

29-Nov-07 09:39 PM

Andi    Said...

I'm not easily irmpesesd. . . but that's impressing me! :)

27-Jun-11 11:00 PM

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