Cremona Bass

Jayzen Sound releases the Cremona Electric Bass Guitar virtual instrument in Soundfont and GigaStudio formats      11/09/07
Cremona Bass

Jayzen Sound have released the Cremona Electric Bass Guitar sample library in Soundfont and GigaStudio formats. They say that the Cremona Bass is a fun and highly playable instrument for musicians, composers, and producers looking for a unique bass sound.
Jayzen told us, "A friend of mine brought this guitar from Poland a few years ago. I was immediately struck by its unique look, and loved its quirky tone. Lucky for us, we had the opportunity to bring it into the studio where we were able to create this great-sounding Virtual Instrument version. It's one of my favourite sounds to date and we have begun using it in our own production work.It gives a wide range of great tones right ‘out-of-the-box’ - everything from smooth dub lines to classic solo lines. And does it at a price even those on a tight budget will appreciate.�
  • The Soundfont version has patches designed for a consistent sound not only throughout the entire patch, but between the other patches in the set. Each patch is designed exactly the same so switching between them is quick and easy.
  • The GigaStudio version contains advanced key-switching so you can immediately switch between the tone of fingered or picked notes, on either the rhythm or lead pickup - all in real time. (A key-switch affects all the notes that follow it and remains active until a new key-switch is pressed.)
  • The lowest B-string is contained in its own patch - allowing you to produce a consistent smooth and mellow tone over a large key range - something almost impossible to do on a real bass.
  • Strings are polyphonic, allowing the playing of intervals and chords.
  • Designed to be played on a standard 66 note keyboard controller (key-switches and notes all fit within a 5 octave range).
  • Recorded DI then given Jayzen's unique custom post-processing to give you a great sound as soon as you start using it. (the processing gives you a great sound right away, while still allowing control over the final sound through the use of your own EQ, compression, etc.)
  • Contains a separate patch of great-sounding string harmonics.
  • Comes with User Guide and detailed Technical Reference section to really get the most out of the instrument.
Pricing and Availability:
Cremona Electric Bass Guitar Sample Library for Soundfont will be priced at $24.95.
Cremona Electric Bass Guitar Sample Library for GigaStudio will be priced at $29.95.
More information and audio demos:


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