PLASA07: iDJ2 Ships With Colour Screen

Mobile DJ solution comes of age      14/09/07

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PLASA07: iDJ2 Ships With Colour Screen
iDJ, therefore I am... (click to enlarge)

The original iDJ iPod DJ device looked so cool and so nearly delivered a killer unit for the iPod based DJ, but sadly it lacked beat matching and pitch bend, so it made it tricky, to perform a proper DJ set. The iDJ2 (that 2 should be like a squared sign , but I don’t know how to make it small ;-), takes the same basic premise – ie: one iPod, or any USB storage devices, two simultaneous audio tracks and adds those much-needed features. Now featuring a colour screen and a higher quality cross-fader, Numark have upped the stakes and made the iDJ2 much more of a serious DJ tool. The library, stack, playlist approach, means you can pre-select your tunes, save them and generally order and cue them up in many ways. The Numark stand was rather over-run with folks itching to get at it and see what it could do. You can also turn the iDJ2 in to an iPod direct player so you can use your iTunes purchased tunes via the iDJ2. This is something that all AAC player technology struggles with as DRM protected stuff is only licensed for playback on specific devices, and so adding additional hardware into the system means that it also would need to be licensed to play the music - iDJ2 access the iPod as a mass storage device in normal mode, but as an iPod controller if you like in iPod direct mode - just so you know! iDJ2 also features intelligent keyword and phrase searching for tracks - you can hook up a USB keyboard if you want to get really serious, making finding your music a doddle. Currently we’re told, the iDJ2 stock is on the boat over to Europe and the US but should be in the stores fairly soon. UK pricing is expected to be around £500. US list is around $899


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