Podcast: Sonic TALK 060 - We Are Pirates

Kontakt 3, Reason 4, Sonar 7 Logic 8 hands on      20/09/07

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47:0 mins
TALK 60 falls on international Talk Like a Pirate Day, which after some investigation is not some generations old custom imported from the Caribbean, but the brainchild of a couple of stoners with a website as far as i can tell. Still our guests enter the spirit of things with sterling performances from Dave Spiers from GFORCE Software, Rich Hilton from the Chic contingent and main man for Mr Nile Rodgers, PJ Tracy musician and composer from Minneapolis and finally Noneric from DigitalMusician.net and the ever popular MusoTalk.de - a place for hot gear reviews and the like (German language). Arch Pirate Mark Tinley sends us a message from the high seas, where he is currently swashbuckling. This week we flesh out the the facts on the Logic 8 release, CakeWalk Sonar 7 is here, Reason 4, a little more, Kontakt 3 and world domination, happy birthday U87 - and other mics, Roland's new V-Mixer and finally - Do you sit or stand in the studio when performing? Remember... Do Call Us We’ve set up a Skype account for people to leave comments (which may be played on subsequent episodes) or requests to be considered for a part on the show. You can contact using the Skype handle 'sonictalk' or if you want to use the phone, our number in the US is:

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beej    Said...

Hehe - Hans seems to be one of the people that was expecting the moon on a stick with Logic 8 - and then getting dissapointed when he didn't get that.

No, it's not the perfect app, no it doesn't radically rethink every concept in the DAW world, and no, it doesn't include Melodyne, Vocalign and iZotope Radius functionality built-in.

But it *is* significantly better than Logic 7, it's a much slicker app, and the workflow improvements are superb.

It's a great update, imo.

And as for Logic 7 and Logic 8 mixes cancelling out, he seems to think that's an indication that Logic 8 isn't improved. It could just as well indicate that Logic 7 wasn't broken in the first place. ;)

The core of Logic's engine had to be reworked to support sample accurate editing and improved project lengths, due to the way it was implemented in the past.

But expecting Logic to be rewritten from scratch in a couple of years, *and* including new complex DSP features and aradical design-rethink when Logic 7 had at least 150+ man-years of work in it is, well, expecting the moon. :)

Logic was always a great and powerful app, despite it's idiosyncracies. Now, it is even better, and now the core stuff is done and released, let's see what cool stuff the dev team can come up with on the shiny new platform.

Rock on Apple I say! Logic has never felt more inspiring...

20-Sep-07 05:31 AM

Ian Webster    Said...

I found this show especially entertaining, a little toilet humour goes a long way (all the way to the coast, in fact) I am just dloading show 61, I am looking forward to listening to that on the way to work tomorrow.

27-Sep-07 04:42 PM

Jair-Rohm Parker Wells    Said...

Has it occurred to anyone that the missing features that people were expecting in Logic 8 have been available in Digital Performer since version 3.11?

18-Oct-07 01:16 AM

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