AESNYC07: More On The Waves Antipiracy Campaign set up to combat theft - we talk to the main men...      09/10/07

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The story broken by Pro Sound News Europe on Waves covert use of undercover agents to capture studio owners using cracked or illegitimate versions of Waves software, caused shockwaves throughout the industry. (We discussed it in Sonic TALK podcast 55)
Never before have tactics like these been used to protect copyright violation. We spoke to the founders of, who Waves used to achieve their results, about their methods and the need for their existence. was set up by Tomer Elbaz, a former director of Waves and Mike David a man with experience in the credit management industry. Their goal is to be the agency that software houses turn to to help enforce their copright. They see themselves as a copyright enforcement agency and see no reason why smaller cost per unit software houses can’t use their no win no fee services....


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GuruOne    Said...

My entry for the caption competition....

Nick: No... no, honestly, I am not a pirate!

Rep: Vee have vays of making you talk!



11-Oct-07 03:25 AM

Nick B    Said...

Yeah! You know, sometimes the poster frame is unkind :-)

BTW, we talk about this topic on the podcast today, it's going to run and run I think

11-Oct-07 07:23 AM

pays to play    Said...

"...turn copyright violators into legitimate owners..." I admire that view, and wish the RIAA would learn from you. You are teaching respect.

18-Oct-07 07:15 PM

Greg    Said...

Obviously, EVIL.

Mike David reminds me of a shark I once knew. The other guy doesn't look so sure that what he's doing is right.

I've given 10 years of my life to a form of music (dance music) that has not paid me a cent. In fact, I just sink time and money into it... for what? An occasional gig, but mostly just the satisfaction of pursuing my art. I'm not bitter about not having blown up yet or that my parents didn't make me stay in trumpet lessons back in elementary school; I just don't think I should be sued for using software that I don't derive any income from.

I think audio software companies (er, sw companies in general) should get smarter about their pricing and give more people the opportunity to learn and pursue their interests without the threat of legal action or viruses. Tie the price of your software to my income, for example.

One of the beautiful things about software is that it costs nothing to give away. And it may ultimately help turn a half-interested kid into a professional artist instead of, say, a drug/porn/tv-eating consumer.

12-Dec-07 11:21 AM

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