Minimal House Sounds

Loopmasters release new downloadable sample pack      12/10/07
Minimal House Sounds

If you need the latest minimal house samples and sounds for your music, Loopmasters tell us that their new Minimal House pack is full of all the material you will need for sublime remixes and productions…
Here’s how they describe it in their own words:
‘Minimal house strips house music down to a more minimal and sparse aesthetic, in the same vein as tech house. However, unlike tech-house, minimal house slowly developed out of the minimal techno and glitch genres, producing a more complex and detailed sound.
Minimal house is somewhat obscure when compared to other genres of house and techno, but several cities including Cologne, Paris, the Bay Area, Detroit, and Chicago now have budding scenes and, with the minimal techno boom of the mid-00s, it is now gaining great popularity in German, Canadian, Italian and Spanish clubs. On top of this, several tracks have become major club hits recently, and the minimal scene is spreading fast throughout the big clubs and bars worldwide.
The Minimal House download pack from Loopmasters features a solid collection of 30 minimal house basslines, 60 brand new drum loops, 30 glitching music loops, nine effect loops, over 140 drum samples, and 14 effect hits.
If you produce minimal house or just need some modern edgy sounds for your productions, the Minimal House Samplepack from Loopmasters is for you.
Only the best musicians, studios and recording equipment are being used in the production of these collections, and every sample is GUARANTEED copyright free for use in your music.’
Tech Specs:
230MB download featuring 284 minimal house samples (see content below), 128 Rex2 loops and 5 patches for Reason NNXt, Halion, Kontakt, EXS and SFZ. It can also be used easily with Stylus RMX and nearly all other music software packages.
Sample content:
284 Acidised WAV samples, 128 Rex2 Loops and 5 patches of drum hits. 30 minimal house basslines, 60 brand new drum loops, 30 music loops, 9 effect loops, over 140 drum samples, and 14 effect hits.
Pricing and Availability:
The Minimal House Samplepack is available now for £14.95. More information amd MP3 demo:
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