AESNYC07: ARC Room Correction Plug from IK

Compensates for the room, sounds pretty hot      15/10/07

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IK Multimedia announced their ARC software Room Correction System. Coming with measurement mic, software app and plug-in, it takes you through the procedure to measure you room with the provided microphone and standalone application, create a custom setting, then apply it to the plug-in component, which sits across your master or monitor output, correcting the audio stream in real-time and compensating for any irregularities in your room. When it comes to the final print for mixdown or stems etc, bypass the effect, and you have the final mix. From what I heard, the results were quite impressive - although the show floor is not an ideal listening environment. Latency is reported at around 1-2ms so it shouldn't be too problematic. ARC System includes:
  • 1) Easy to use, step-by-step, room measurement software for Mac/PC
  • 2) VST, RTAS, AU correction plug-in for Mac/PC most popular DAWs (such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Live, etc.)
  • 3) Professional measurement microphone
ARC System Measurement Software features
  • Automatic multi-point room measurement system, wizard based, based on Audyssey MultEQ technology
  • Measurement precision when used with ARC System microphone: +/- 1.5 dB
  • Requires 48 kHz operation (only for measurements)
  • Requires ASIO Audio Hardware on Windows Vista or XP, CoreAudio on Mac OS X
  • Saves Measurements sets to be opened on the ARC System Correction Plug-In
ARC System Correction Plug-In features
  • Multi platform high quality Frequency AND Time correction processor based on Audyssey MultEQ technology
  • Correction precision when used with ARC System microphone: +/- 1.5 dB
  • Correction processor resolution: 32 bits floating point
  • Correction processor supported sampling rates: 32 kHz to 96 kHz
  • Four target curves
  • Graphic Frequency response display
Pricing and Availability:
ARC System will have a MSRP of €579/$699/£469 (comparable to a low-cost room acoustic treatment kit).
A crossgrade version for all IK registered users will also be available at the reduced price of €419/$499/£337.
The product is expected to be available through IK's network of dealers and distributors before the end of 2007. Pre-orders are already available at the IK online store.


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