DJ Software Updated

Native Instruments releases Traktor 3.3 with Traktor Scratch integration      26/10/07
DJ Software Updated
3.3 In Action

Native Instruments has released Traktor 3.3, a free update for its DJ software. They tell us that the new version includes a vast range of improvements that maximize the usability, performance and reliability of Traktor 3. It also brings seamless integration with Traktor Scratch, Native Instruments' next-generation digital DJ system, extending its versatility and flexibility with up to four simultaneous playback decks and other powerful creative features.
In its new version, the Traktor 3 software can now be used together with Traktor Scratch to form an extremely powerful DJ tool that combines advanced performance features with precise turntable and CD control. Through Traktor 3.3, owners of Traktor Scratch can get access to extended creative functionality that, say NI, is unmatched by any other vinyl-controlled system on the market.
Leaving the limitations of typical digital DJ setups behind, the combination of Traktor 3 and Traktor Scratch now enables up to four full-featured playback decks, which can be simultaneously controlled through any combination of turntables or CD players, as well as synced among each other. It is even possible to synchronize the playback of external MIDI gear and other MIDI-capable performance software with Traktor 3, making them seamlessly follow the speed and exact movements of Traktor Scratch turntable or CD control, which opens up additional new performance possibilities for ambitious DJs.
Further benefits for Traktor Scratch owners include advanced looping features with with multiple storable loops per track and flexible loop manipulation, live internet broadcasting, non-destructive mix recording, and the advanced GUI customization options of Traktor 3. The full-featured software mixer with analog-modelled EQs and full MIDI control in Traktor 3 also gives DJs the option to use Traktor Scratch without an external hardware mixer.
Traktor 3.3 also brings numerous additional improvements over the previous version, including an extensively refined and more flexible user interface, a reworked effects section, extended MIDI sync options, improved Beatport integration, enhanced iTunes and iPod support, compatibility with Windows Vista and Mac OS X 10.5 ‘Leopard’, and a revised user manual. Furthermore, say NI, a wide range of performance and stability improvements in every area of the software make Traktor 3.3 more robust and responsive than ever.
Pricing and Availability:
The 3.3 update for Windows and Mac OS X is now available as a free download for all registered users of Traktor 3 on the NI website.
Owners of Traktor Scratch can purchase Traktor 3 at a special upgrade price of $99/EUR 119.
More information and downloadable demo version:

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