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Audio-Technica introduces lifetime warranty on their 40 Series studio microphone range      01/11/07

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Audio-Technica AT4050 studio condenser microphone

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Audio-Technica has announced it is introducing a ‘lifetime warranty’ on its 40 Series studio condenser microphone range. The extended warranty is being offered free of charge and will be applicable on all 40 Series microphones sold by authorised resellers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa from, today, 1 November 2007.
Audio-Technica tell us that the warranty is the most extensive offered by any manufacturer anywhere, and reflects the reliability and engineering quality of top of the range music production microphone series.
The 40 Series was introduced some 15 years ago and represented the first ever high performance large studio condenser range at an affordable price point; anticipating what today is a highly competitive market sector. Exploiting the very latest design, engineering and production techniques, the 40 Series introduced numerous performance innovations, rapidly establishing these microphones as modern day classics of the recording world. Lauded by internationally renowned engineers and producers, like Phil Ramone, Joe Chiccarelli, Frank Filipetti, Nathaniel Kunkel and David Reitzas, the 40 Series is today among the world most successful and best selling studio microphone series.
Three models in particular stand out: the AT4033, the world’s first ever large diaphragm studio condenser microphone priced at under $1000, and one of the best selling studio microphones ever; the AT4040, the latest and currently best selling model in the range; and the AT4050, the highest performance model in the range and, according to A-T, among the very best specified recording microphone in the world. High performance features of the range include the specially contoured, vapour-deposited diaphragm, just 2 microns thick (compared with 10 microns for most large diaphragm condensers), five stage accelerated diaphragm aging methods, specially designed damping and suspension, and ultra low noise circuitry. Production consistency is such that all any two samples of any model are effectively identical in performance, ensuring that any two microphones can provide a perfectly matched stereo pair.
Commenting on the unprecedented offer, Senior UK Marketing Manager, Harvey Roberts told us, “Our offer of a lifetime warranty on these microphones is in recognition of the sheer quality, unequaled performance and outstanding value for money that the 40 Series represents. Such remarkable product should attract equally remarkable after sales support. As a company, we felt it important to fully stand behind the quality of our products and this extended warranty shows not just our commitment to our products, but also to our customers.�
The offer of a lifetime warranty is subject to the Company’s terms and conditions, but covers the product from any manufacturing defects and refers to a 15 year serviceable lifetime of the product, during which time the Company will guarantee availability of the relevant components and materials or replace the product for one of equal quality. The warranty is activated by the customer registering their purchase on the Audio-Technica website within 30 days of purchase.
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