Podcast:TALK065a Touring with Peter Gabriel

Richard Evans shares his experiences from the road      13/11/07

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17:22 mins
Podcast:TALK065a Touring with Peter Gabriel
Richard Evans at his rig

We've a bit of a treat this week, in place of our usual discussion, Richard Evans has filed this audio diary from on the road.. Between the months of June and August,in the Summer of 2007 – apprently it was supposed to be Summer in the UK - anyone remember it? Peter Gabriel was on tour in Europe. Covering Germany, UK, Holland, Belgium, Italy, France, Switzerland and Denmark, the band played a number of festivals and one-off concerts, playing songs from So, US, OVO and others. Richard Evans, who you can hear on a number of our Sonic TALK podcasts, is a member of the touring band, and has a long history of involvement in Peter Gabriel projects, having worked at Real World Studios for several years under such luminaries as Daniel Lanois, Trevor Horn, Stephen Hague, Bob Ezrin, John Leckie and Brian Eno, before striking out as a successful solo collaborator and putting his skills as a talented multi-instrumentalist, arranger, producer and engineer to effective use. In this audio diary taken from a portion of the tour, Richard takes us through his touring setup and also gives a fascinating insight into the world of touring at this level. Richard is currently in Los Angeles working on a new album for Michael Brook, who he has worked with on several projects. Thanks to Edirol UK for the loan of the R-09 personal recorder which Richard uses to record his diary entries.

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Radar Caves    Said...

Thanks Mr Evens for you fantastic insight into the PG touring life. As a lowly keyboardist myself, for a unsigned Australian band, I really enjoied your views and experiences from a pro tour in Euroland. Sounds like hard work, so maybe Wednesday night pub gigs to 20 people aren;t that bad after all. I like the concept of if you played it once you good enough to plan on stage... sounds very familiar. Cheers mate!

14-Nov-07 02:52 AM

radar caves    Said...

Can I spell... don;t think so. Cheers Mr Evans.

14-Nov-07 02:56 AM

Kieran    Said...

Thanks for the nice podcast! I really enjoyed it.

14-Nov-07 03:48 PM

hiltonius    Said...

this podcast was outstanding! thanks Richard for taking the time to do it!

22-Nov-07 10:56 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Very cool podcast!

22-Nov-07 03:40 PM

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