Portable RAID Storage

Rain’s new StormDrive TERA offers eSATA portable hardware RAID at 3GB/s speeds      15/11/07

Portable RAID Storage

Rain Recording today announced StormDrive TERA, a high performance versatile and extremely portable RAID storage solution designed around the eSATA platform for the fast streaming and backup of up to 2 Terabytes of data.
The newest addition to Rain's popular StormDrive line of portable external hard drives offers a cost effective and reliable portable RAID storage solution for the digital audio and video user. Rain's new aluminum clad super-drive is feature rich despite its diminutive footprint. With its standard USB 2.0 port, StormDrive TERA boasts universal compatibility with all desktop and notebook computers. Users seeking to take advantage of StormDrive TERA's incredible 3 gigabyte per second transfer rate can also connect to their Mac or PC via the included eSATA port. eSATA, a standard fixture on all Rain desktop computers, sends data screaming down the pipes at more than six times the speed of a standard FireWire connection - ideal for moving the huge files common to digital audio and video processing. Files that are even larger with the advent of HD video production.
StormDrive TERA isn't just about speed, say Rain, it's also about the flexibility of a switchable hardware level RAID system that offers the user a versatility usually reserved for drives costing three times as much with three times the complexity. By accessing a simple control panel on the rear of the unit, StormDrive TERA owners can choose between RAID-0, RAID-1 or a standard individual dual drive configuration. RAID, which stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, has long been considered the most effective solution for reliable backup because of its ability to write data redundantly to two disks while in RAID-1 mode. By combining the power of two drives "striped" to RAID-0, users can write information to the drive twice as fast by dividing a single job between both disks.
Rain President, Bill Paschick, told us, "Rain's StormDrive line of external hard drives has long been popular with content producers for their reliability and speed. And now with StormDrive TERA we are providing audio and video producers with an affordable and reliable RAID system. With eSATA technology now standard on many of our workstations, you can take advantage of an amazing 3GB/s speed - far surpassing the limits of 800MB/s IEEE1394b. We are truly excited by what eSATA technology holds for audio and video production and we think StormDrive TERA will save producers the time and expense of maintaining their digital media and backups."
Pricing and Availability:
Available now from Rain Recording in the US and Europe.
Price from $679.95 (£249 UK) More information:

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