E-mu Module Sounds In Software

Classic E-mu hardware module sounds now available for Cakewalk’s Dimension      19/11/07

E-mu Module Sounds In Software

Buying Choices
Edirol in Europe have announced that six E-mu sound modules are now available for the Cakewalk Dimension Pro or Dimension LE soft synths.
Back in the days before soft synths, E-mu created some of the most memorable sound modules around. The range included the Proteus 2000, Mo’ Phatt, Xtreme Lead and Planet Earth. Now the sounds from these modules are available for the first time without needing any hardware. Six expansion packs are available and all you need to run them is a copy of Cakewalk’s Dimension software (Cakewalk are even making the LE version available as a free download).
Edirol tell us that the packs have been meticulously crafted using the actual sound sets found in the legendary hardware units. They say that there is a combined total over 3,500 immediately useable, ready-to-go programs, that, when combined with the infinite synthesis capabilities of Dimension Pro, provide the perfect springboard for custom sonic creations.
The six packs
  • Mo’ Phatt has the sounds from the original hip-hop hardware module used on countless rap and R&B creations.
  • Proteus 2000 has a vast array of sounds ideally suited to composers who need to make music for a wide variety of projects.
  • Xtreme Lead-1 contains killer synth sounds ready to tear through your mix and is ideal for dance and electronica.
  • Virtuoso 2000 is packed with world-class orchestra sounds: from woodwind to brass and percussion.
  • PX-7 offers eight superbly recorded drum kits and percussion ensembles ideal for a large range of styles and genres.
  • Planet Earth replicates the world sounds found in the extraordinary module of the same name – a truly inspirational package.
Since this is the first time these authentic Proteus sounds are available in software form (not requiring E-MU hardware or interface for the first time), Cakewalk is offering a free download of Dimension LE for Mac (AU, RTAS, VSTi) and Windows (DXi (32-bit & x64), RTAS, VSTi), simply by registering any module after purchase. This provides users of popular Mac and PC hosts including Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, and Live with an opportunity to experience Dimension.
Each Digital Sound Factory E-MU Proteus Sound Module contains over 500 patches. Additionally, all customers receive an additional 500 patches upon registering any sound module.
Pricing and Availability:
The modules will retail for £49 each (79 Euros) or £179 (259 Euros) for all six.
US pricing: $79.00 and $299.00 for all six.
More information:

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