Addictive Drums Gets Retro

Retro ADpak features three classic Ludwig drum kits from the 60s and 70s      05/12/07

Addictive Drums Gets Retro

XLN Audio have released the Retro Adpak expansion for Addictive Drums
  • 3 Kits
  • 70+ Presets
  • 1300+ MIDI Files
Retro is the first ADpak for Addictive Drums and features three classic Ludwig drum kits from the 60s and 70s with cymbals from Paiste and Sabian. The drums were recorded in Studios 301 Stockholm, in a big recording room with a rich ambience. Retro expands the Addictive Drums library and allows you to mix and match between the original drums and the new vintage kits. Retro also includes cowbells, tambourines and hand claps.
XLN Audio say that Retro is great for a vintage sound with presets inspired by classic songs, but you can also use the modern presets for an up-to-date sound full of character or turn to the RetroMental soundbank for a chance to hear the Ludwig kits like you've never heard them before. They say that, with the Retro ADpak you get over 1300 midi loops and 70 presets that will get you groovin' in Motown, banging your head to booming heavy Rock, and tunin' out to psychedelic Rock'n'Roll! Here’s how they describe the three kits…
  • Ludwig Black Oyster 60s Vintage
    A groovy Ringo kit that is perfect for anything from Motown to psychedelic pop. Medium sizes and coated heads give you a genuine 60s pop sound.
  • Ludwig Blue Oyster 70s Vintage
    Size does matter! This kit mimics the setup by legendary drummer John Bonham. The big sizes and coated heads tuned in a very characteristic way, give you a clear and thunderous drum sound.
  • Ludwig Vistalite 70s Vintage
    The acrylic see-through Vistalite drums became popular in the early 70s for their great looks, fast attack and clear sustain. Legends like Keith Moon and John Bonham would often perform on these plastic monsters.
XLN have also updated Addictive Drums to version 1.1…
New features in v1.1:
  • Selectable backdrops
  • Support for ADpaks
  • Multiple outputs in Logic 8
  • Cowbell slot renamed Xtra and is now used for various percussion instruments
  • Minor bugfixes
Pricing and Availability:
Retro ADpak MSRP $149.95
Shipping Date: Mid December
More information:

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