Inside Synthesis Series Starts Monday 10th

Our latest IPTV series takes you deep inside...      06/12/07
Inside Synthesis Series Starts Monday 10th

Following hot on the heels of our Top 5 Greatest Samplers, Sonic State’s upcoming series will be exploring the inner-secrets of Synthesis. Ever wondered how to get drum sounds from an analog synth? Multi-line sequencing using just an LFO - is it possible? All this and more will be revealed over the coming weeks in our new series Inside Synthesis Your host William H. takes you on a journey through synthesis techniques as applied to a fine collection of synthesizers - not limited to but including a Korg MS2000, Ensoniq ESQ-1, Polivoks, Nord G2, DX-7 and a prototype Mattson Modular synth.
First up, we explore the drum sound capabilities of the Korg MS2000 - creating multiple sounds from a single timbre. So, make a date for Monday 10th December and then every other Monday after that. If you subscribe to recieve our new headlines in the box in the top left, you'll be notified when it and other headlines become available.


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eric    Said...

wowoow thts coo!!!

07-Dec-07 03:02 AM

Nick B    Said...

Yeah, we're pretty excited here. William has a great format for the shows - we hope you enjoy!

07-Dec-07 03:10 AM

kev    Said...

this is really cool. looking forward to it.

07-Dec-07 04:11 PM

Smurd    Said...


thank you all


08-Dec-07 03:28 PM

Ryan    Said...

Are you just re-releasing what is already on you-tube or what?

08-Dec-07 10:11 PM

Nick B    Said...

Yes, and no - we're starting with a couple of episodes that were on Youtube, and William is adding to the series.

09-Dec-07 01:23 PM

Ryan    Said...

That sounds great Nick. William does have a great format and I am glad I can now find the vids at Sonic State!

09-Dec-07 04:15 PM

artois    Said...

I really appreciate Sonic State supporting such an interesting video maker and musician.

14-Dec-07 07:43 PM

Uchdryd    Said...

Excellent! Bookmarked and on the top of my list. Great stuff.

03-May-09 10:59 PM

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