InsideSynthesis001: Your MS2000 is a Drum Machine

Multi-timbral tricks with limited resources      10/12/07
Our New IPTV Series - Inside Synthesis Part 1 - is finally here. William H takes us through some nifty techniques for getting the most out of a two-part synthesizer. Complete show notes including SYSEX downloads for the MS2000 setup Here


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Marc JX8P    Said...

Excellent! Well produced and some very interesting ideas.

10-Dec-07 01:31 PM

Mr. Tunes    Said...

really cool video. I have a ms-2000R and i find it really difficult to program. i just muck around until i get something cool. hopefully you will be making more videos!

10-Dec-07 07:02 PM

Frederik Heringa    Said...

Very inspiring! And me thinking I already knew pretty much... I must start using key tracking a little more ;)

Thank you

11-Dec-07 04:27 AM

andi vx    Said...

good job, william! thanks.

11-Dec-07 06:27 PM

fac    Said...

Excellent demonstration of the MS2000 power. 4-voice polyphony? Not a problem.

14-Dec-07 01:31 PM

Ultrasound    Said...

These is some of the best tutelage on synths I've seen (multimedia or old media). This guy's obviously a college teacher! I've been using electronic instruments for about 10 years and I definitely still learned something. More films please!

29-Dec-07 02:12 PM

Howling Terror    Said...

Thankyou very much for the time you have put into these video tutorials. William H you are as they say round my parts..Bloody Bazzin'

04-Feb-08 11:39 AM

Condra    Said...


14-Feb-08 09:54 PM

jbf    Said...

I enjoyed this video. Thank you.

02-Mar-08 10:21 PM

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