Podcast: Sonic TALK 069 - Ah Blofeld, We've Been Expecting You..

Led Zep, test your ears, iLoks, Waldorf Blofeld, Sesame St, Bob Dylan, Philip Glass, Stockhausen - Vangelis      13/12/07

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65:51 mins
SONIC TALK 069 - as the big freeze descends over the UK, we're all toasty in our little studio happy to have our weekly tech chat with friends from across the globe. Joining me are Rich Hilton - getting ready to head off to Europe for a pre-Christmas Chis gig, Dvae Robinson - editor of Pro Sound News Europe, Mark Tinley - who's doing a valiant job of keeping his toddler occupied whilst we broadcast, Dave Spiers from GForce Software who said no to the Zep and PJ Tracy from Minneapolis where it's uncommonly early in the AM. In this bumper issue, we talk of Led Zeppelin, the Liquid Mix listening challenge, iLok boycott? The Waldorf Blofeld (for you Derek!), Stockhausen, Philip Glass and Sesame St, Rich treats us to a Bob Dylan story, and finally the 25th anniversary soundtrack of Bladerunner. Remember... Do Call Us We’ve set up a Skype account for people to leave comments (which may be played on subsequent episodes) or requests to be considered for a part on the show. You can contact using the Skype handle 'sonictalk' or if you want to use the phone, our number in the US is:

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Lee Talley    Said...

iLok is ok but what concerns me more is using it on a laptop and that dongle just sticking out the side could get broke. Its not bad for desktops but what about something better for laptops.

13-Dec-07 02:11 PM

Matt    Said...

If we must have copy protection in the form of a USB dongle then I'd prefer a system like the iLok (where each manufacturer can put your authorisations on to one device) to each manufacturer insisting that you have their dongle attached for every major plug-in.

It's sometimes difficult enough for me to remember to bring my Logic key and iLok with me if I'm working outside my own studio - I really don't need a mini USB hub full of dongles to carry around.

14-Dec-07 03:47 AM

Klemen    Said...

iLok is not really a solution, synchrosoft apparently is :).

I dislike both but prefer them to C/R. Audio Damage use serial numbers which is best of course (and so do Gmedia - please keep it this way).

Klemen www.klemenkotar.com

14-Dec-07 08:08 AM

dzny    Said...

Sharon Redd "Can You Handle It"!! Wasn't it about some kind of superhuman female genitalia? I loved that record, although I thought it was kind of shocking and sexually threatening ....nowadays tame stuff! LOL

14-Dec-07 12:57 PM

Nick B    Said...

You dzny, I never really thought about it like that - I just took it as a disco record....

but as Sharon did tour as one of Bette Midlers backing vocalists for some time, what you suggest might be true...

14-Dec-07 02:38 PM

Nick B    Said...

That should have read: You know dzny,

15-Dec-07 02:52 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Some great stories this time... Heh - Frank Ellis... That would have helped me though, as I've been saying 'Vangelis' wrong for years, like the 'venge' in revenge and the emphasis on the first syllable... :-)

16-Dec-07 07:38 AM

hui    Said...

Coincidently, there's another anniversary release out this month: JM Jarre's 30th anniversary re-recording of Oxygene. Recorded live in a studio (with 3 other musicians) using much the same analog gear that was on the original release. The performance was filmed and is available in 2D and 3D on the DVD/CD versions of the release, with surround sound. Like Vangelis, he's also included a number of Oxygene variations.

16-Dec-07 11:45 PM

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