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Independence Basic and Independence Free DVD shipping, Freedom 2.0 and Origami 2.0 released      09/01/08
Yellow Tools News

Yellow Tools have announced that Independence Basic is now shipping as is a DVD version of Independence Free. Freedom 2.0 and Origami 2.0 have also been released.
Independence Basic comes with the same audio engine as Independence 2 and is fully compatible with Independence Free and Independence 2. Yellow Tools say that, beside the option to load 3rd party VST effects and VST instruments - which is not enabled in Independence Basic - you have access to the same powerful software features of Independence 2.
Beside the free download of Independence Free you can now also order the DVD version for only 9.90 € / US$ in the yellow tools Online Shop.
Here’s the details on Freedom 2.0 and Origami 2.0 in Yellow Tools’ own words…
Freedom 2.0:
ALL insert filters and effects of Freedom 2.0 are fully surround compatible up to 8.1. The format of your surround files (hostchannel) gets recognized automatically and Freedom 2 assigns the respective channels accordingly. With the new FX Bank Browser you have immediate access to hundreds of presets for your inserts. The automation features of Freedom 2 now also include minimum and maximum automation values: You can use the full range (0% to 100%) of the selected controler only for a specified value range of the assigned (automated) parameter. With the new mix down feature you can route any channel of your surround format to "L" (left) and "R" (right) and thus create a mix down of your surround format to stereo. All registered users of Freedom 1.x can download version 2.0.0 in the yellow tools User Area for free.
Origami 2.0:
ORIGAMI 2.0 enters a totally new dimension for real-time impulse response processing. The extremely intuitive and easy-to-use rack functionality gives you immediate access to many premium IR models and variations (like churches, cathedrals, stages, rooms, halls, etc.) from the company "INSPIRED ACOUSTICS", many surround IR files and an audio import option. ORIGAMI offers three independent snapshot slots and a comfortable FX bank browser with many presets. You can add an unlimited number of insert effects to each slot and easily change their order per drag'n'drop. For a most intuitive workflow, the order of your insert effects in the rack corresponds exactly to the progression of your audio input signal. ORIGAMI comes with an outstanding and innovative host and MIDI automation including the additional parameters "invert", "bypass", "host learn" and "MIDI learn". All registered users of Origami 1.x can download version 2.0.0 in the yellow tools User Area for free.
Pricing and Availability:
See Website for full details More information:


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