Most Affordable Virus TI Ever

Access unveil the compact-sized Virus TI Snow      14/01/08
Most Affordable Virus TI Ever

We haven’t had an official press release, maybe they are waiting till the NAMM show starts on Thursday, but a visit to the Access website reveals the new Virus TI Snow which the company are describing as the perfect companion for live musicians and laptop producers. Access tell us that the new model is the most affordable Virus TI ever and compare it to buying a sports car for the price of a scooter.
The Virus TI Snow measures just 11 inches by 6, (28 x 15 cm), but has the same sound engine as its bigger brothers and comes equipped with analog ins and outs, MIDI in/out and USB.
Access say that you can get to over 1000 sounds with a maximum of four button pushes and navigate effortlessly to the most exciting sound parameters thanks to adaptive menus and an all-new Easy Edit mode. They tell us that the Snow is driven by an arsenal of virtual analog, wavetable and granular oscillators including a first class Mini Moog cascade emulation and that there are more than 6000 free patches from well-known sound designers.

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    SekondThought    Said...

    Pricing is said to be $1,350.00 / €1,100.00 / £799.00

    Not sure if that's 100% correct, but that's what I've heard!

    14-Jan-08 06:38 PM

    ThirdThought    Said...

    If it is $1350.00 then thats f'ing ridiculous. The VA era started over a decade ago. Were just talking DSP, and code here. If synth companies want to start moving units they'd better get with the times. It's a piece of metal, w a few knobs, and some code inside. The cost to build is likely under $200. They're simply running software on a dedicated processor. No reason for those same old algorithms to fetch over $1000.

    14-Jan-08 09:16 PM

    Brandon    Said...

    Dude, you're welcome to develop your own DSP code and run it on your computer. I'm sure you'd spend more than $1300 of your time writing it. Think you can crank out 50 voices with 4-part multi?

    This company have spent years developing these products. Just because it's software doesn't mean it's cheap.

    15-Jan-08 07:19 AM

    ian copeland    Said...

    I agree with ThirdThought that the price is too high, especially when the Waldorf Blofeld hits the sub-$1000.00 mark with plenty of room to spare. While Access' investment in their code base is not insubstantial, I agree $1,350.00 is too dear.

    15-Jan-08 10:27 AM

    Matt    Said...

    I have to agree with Brandon. R&D costs a ton, even if you're redeveloping the same synth. I would however probably look towards the Waldorf Blofeld...but that's only if you can pry me away from my nord modular.

    16-Jan-08 08:14 AM

    triM    Said...

    Don't forget that this is a luxury item. It isn't food, it isn't gas, it isn't a book it's a synth, and as much as you and I may correlate Music and living this is a *Luxury* item, not a commodity. Cost of Production Vs. value should not be hinged together.

    Lets not forget all the R&D as mentioned before, nor the distributers who are involved in getting the product to you across national borders. Everyone deserves to be paid for their work and make a couple bucks while they're at it.

    I agree with the post earlier, if you don't like it, stop whining about it and start making your own synths.

    16-Jan-08 01:27 PM

    Freddy    Said...

    a luxury item that could sell a lot more if the price was reasonable enough.

    And I build my own synths now because way overpriced "vintage" and new synths, it may cost me the same but at least I don't feel like I'm throwing away my money to some lazy people

    17-Jan-08 01:50 PM

    Bishop    Said...

    It's actually 16 parts with an average of 80 voices assuming it has the same horsepower as the others, and I haven't seen anything to indicate otherwise. There is NO other synth at this price point that can compare with that so I don't see how it's over priced. Compared to what?

    20-Jan-08 05:54 PM

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