WNAMM08: Roland Launch Fantom G-Series

Three new models with the wave-ROM capacity of their predecessors      17/01/08
WNAMM08: Roland Launch Fantom G-Series
Fantom G8 with weighted 'ivory feel' keys

Roland have announced the new Fantom G-Series. Three models are available - 61 and 76 note models and an 88 note model with Roland’s weighted PHA II “Ivory Feel� keyboard. Here’s how they describe the new models in their own words…
Reaching New Levels of Power and Luxury
Introducing the most powerful and luxurious live workstation in Roland history. The Fantom-G is a dream instrument that redefines the boundaries of playability and creativity with its advanced sound engine, revolutionary ARX SuperNATURALâ„¢ expansion bay, large-sized colour LCD, powerful new audio/MIDI sequencer and more.
Advanced Sound Engine
Driven by a powerful new audio processor, the Fantom-G provides new sonic depth and versatility. With twice the wave-ROM capacity of its predecessor, it contains a treasure trove of Roland’s world-famous SRX-quality sounds, but what really sets this instrument apart is its new ARX expansion, which allows additional SuperNATURAL sound-sets and fully dedicated synth and effects engines to be added to this already powerful live workstation.
SuperNATURAL ARX Expansion
Fantom-G provides ARX slots that accommodate two SuperNATURAL expansion boards. SuperNATURAL is Roland’s unique behavior-modelling technology that enables a new level of organic, emotional expression previously unattainable in synthesizers. Applied to traditional-instrument sounds, SuperNATURAL enables the delicate, organic tonal changes and playing nuances of real musical instruments. It’s also a powerful tool for electronic and non-traditional sounds, breathing amazing new life and expression into synthesis.
Power Sequencer Onboard
The Fantom-G is the first Roland instrument to feature Roland’s newly designed power sequencer. In conjunction with the large-size LCD, this pro-level composition tool provides 128 tracks (including 24 audio tracks) in a fully integrated audio/MIDI graphical environment. A mouse can be also incorporated for computer-like speed and ease. Other convenient features include combo XLR and TRS connector, phantom power for condenser mics, Hi-Z input for guitar and bass, and line input.
Luxurious Extra-Wide LCD
One look and touch and you’ll know that the Fantom-G is an instrument without equal. Only the highest-quality materials have been used to create this dream synth, with a stylish, futuristic design that will turn heads. Front and centre is the extra-large 8.5� wide TFT colour LCD for enhanced productivity. A first-class assortment of hands-on controls is provided as well, including eight sliders, four knobs, and ten buttons below the LCD.
Amazing FX
Fantom-G is loaded with a state-of-the-art effects engine, with multi-effects available for each Fantom-G sound/part. In 16-part multi-timbre mode, up to 22 effect routings can be used simultaneously. Create complex setups with 16 insert effects per patch, plus global reverbs and choruses. Mastering effects are provided for polishing songs created with the onboard sequencer.
  • Advanced sound engine with double wave capacity of previous flagship workstation
  • 2 x ARX expansion with SuperNATURAL — the world’s greatest performance-expression technology
  • Graphic user interface with extra-large 8.5â€� wide colour LCD and mouse connectivity
  • Newly developed onboard audio/MIDI sequencer with 128 tracks including 24 audio tracks
  • Multi-FX for each part; up to 22 effects routings can be programmed simultaneously
  • Heavy-duty casing with aluminium panel Fantom-G8/Fantom-G7/Fantom-G6
Pricing and Availability:
TBC More information:
  • www.roland.com

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    11 Comments...  Post a comment    original story
    JJstylz    Said...

    been playing with one for about a month. Have a friend who has been testing it! needed lots of updates but the last time i was there after "roland" left the board was updated and awesome. if you like awe inspiring flexibility... thi sis the board!

    17-Jan-08 02:30 PM

    bobby bland    Said...

    What's it sound like compared to the Motif XS series? Does it actually allow 16 efx per patch/track? Or in total 16 efx? Either way thats powerful.

    17-Jan-08 06:16 PM

    Yo    Said...

    What, no rack version?!

    17-Jan-08 10:03 PM

    Rys    Said...

    Hard drive? RAM? Sample editing? any info any one.

    17-Jan-08 11:24 PM

    JJstylz    Said...

    Motif is still a different sounding machine. both sound great. damn good actually. not real sure about the number of fx per track. more than the old fantom for sure... as with most releases the rack will come at summer namm or the next winter namm if they decide to make one. would be nice to see some kind of module like the korg m3 if they do make one. I like that form factor. hard drive... NOPE 192 mb of ram is possible i do believe, could be wrong. but does use conventional flash drive and external hd. there is a "kinda" informative video on rolands website. sorry i can not be of more assistance but as soon as my friend gets back from NAMM with his newly updated one, i will be able to get more info on inner workings!

    18-Jan-08 05:02 AM

    uhe    Said...

    I've read that the sounds are the best of the SRX series (to whose ears is that choice made?),which is Ok but in 2008? These are the same sounds used for years with the JV and all older fantoms already,kinda disappointed, they should have made an attempt to stock it with new designed sounds,but I guess the ARX makes up for it,although that does not come standard and you'll have to buy that too.And only 2 expansions? Better then the XS though,but the XS does sound good with new patches.still I'd like to hear it in person ? when r they shipping?

    18-Jan-08 11:33 AM

    shakil    Said...

    It's not really an Audio Recorder, because it samples and plays back from RAM, not a hard drive or Flash drive.

    Calling it a "24 track audio recorder" is false advertisement by Roland.

    They did the same with Fantom X 2.0

    Except this and the arppegiator, it's pretty awesome.

    18-Jan-08 07:42 PM

    destroy    Said...

    No rack! I would hope that the rack can take a few more cards..And we need guitar modeling not drums...Either way very good stuff, roland.When can I get one?

    19-Jan-08 12:08 PM

    Mebody    Said...

    Hey Shakil.....

    Since WHEN is it NOT an audio recorder?!??!?

    If it records audio then it IS an AUDIO RECORDER...I dont care if it's recorded on a damn cassette...LOL

    22-Jan-08 01:57 AM

    NNITRED    Said...

    Recording directly to RAM is actually better because there are no issues related to seeking, buffering or latency associated with HD streaming. Unlike HD recording,RAM recording is 100% consistant.HD performance drops as the drive fills and fragments.

    01-Feb-08 09:03 AM

    Jesse    Said...

    Here's a video capture of the Fantom-G VST editor I made. Hope you find the video useful. The editor is fantastic!


    08-May-08 10:10 PM

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