WNAMM08: Audio-Technica Launches Two IEM Systems

M2 and M3 In Ear Monitoring systems announced      18/01/08

WNAMM08: Audio-Technica Launches Two IEM Systems

Audio-Technica has made its entry into the wireless In Ear Monitoring market with the launch of its M2 and M3 UHF systems.
The development of these products has been shaped by extensive research in the field and consultation with industry professionals. The result is two high performance systems, each appointed for distinct sectors of the market. The M2 provides a mid market system, for semi-professional and solo musicians, presenters and small to medium sized concert systems, the M3 is designed to fulfill large scale music, theatre and broadcast production requirements.
Both systems offer a lightweight body-pack stereo receiver and a stereo transmitter equipped with two 1/4"/XLR combo input connectors, for line-level inputs from mixing consoles. Operation is selectable mono or stereo, and both systems share the same optimum standards of audio fidelity to ensure the clearest high resolution signals for performers, to that end both systems are equipped with Audio-Technica’s EP3 earphones featuring a proprietary Audio-Technica dynamic driver, allowing performers to hear themselves at comfortable SPL’s. The EP3 earphones come with three sizes of rubber flexible eartips and a universal-fit foam tip for a custom fit, increased isolation and long-wearing listening comfort without ear fatigue.
Both the M2 and M3 feature Audio-Technica’s proprietary Personal Mix Control feature, providing individual control of the balance between the personal signal level and the individual monitor mix.
The M2 system provides for 10 UHF frequency bands – four of which are available for use in Europe – each with 10 selectable channels. LED indicators enable easy-to-read level monitoring. The M3 provides for six fixed selectable frequency bands and three user-programmable bands, with 16 channels each; a 32 MHz bandwidth with 25 kHz stepping. A backlit LCD display provides visual monitoring of frequency bands and signal strength, as well as step-through menus for setting preferences. The M3 utilises Audio-Technica’s proprietary Automatic Frequency Scanning function; automatically determining and setting the best available frequency (open channel) and avoiding interference and intermodulation problems when using multiple IEM channels. A switchable, digitally controlled four-level squelch function offers versatility in selecting the desired degree of noise reduction.
Both systems feature a selectable 3.5 mm line-in jack, for an ambient audience mic feed, click track, etc., XLR loop output (true pass-through) for connecting to mixing console, additional IEM system or recording device, without signal degradation.
Pricing and Availability:
The M2 and M3 systems retail for £449 and £649 respectively (RRP inc. VAT) in the UK and will be available from February 2008. More information:

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