WNAMM08: Casio Digital Piano Pair

Two new additions to Privia line      21/01/08

WNAMM08: Casio Digital Piano Pair

Casio America, Inc. have announced two additions to the Privia line, the PX-320 and PX-120.
Casio’s Privia digital piano continues the company’s tradition of making music available to music enthusiasts at different stages of their careers and in different genres of music. The company believe that the 88 weighted key PX-320 and PX-120 digital pianos accommodate any musician’s lifestyle. They say that, weighing less than 30 pounds, the pianos are the perfect solution for the garage band that travels between gigs or for the music student to carry between lessons. A spokesman told us, “The new models are compact and stylish, so they can easily be stored to conserve space in a studio, classroom or apartment. The Privia offers a diverse mix of flexibility for the beginner and dynamic sounds to make it the perfect tool for the aspiring musician. The Privia can assist in the creation of a musician’s very first song and help perfect it as their career evolves.�
Instrumental to the Privia is the duel keyboard/headphone application that allows a student and instructor to play the keyboard simultaneously. The experienced musician will be pleased to find the PX-320 and PX-120 are equipped with the new AIF engine that provides a more robust sampling of tunes and an improved capability to produce 128 notes in chorus with one another. Casio say that the new engines enable players to create a full musical expression with a concert piano sound and ensure that not a single note is lost.
Peter Brinkman, Vice President of Casio’s Consumer Products Division, told us, “The PX-320 and PX-120 are designed with all the key features to help enhance music education and appreciation. The Privia’s versatility allows music to be created across the board from beginners to aspiring musicians. We are proud to be the company that grows with the music player.�
What distinguishes the PX-320 is its unique features for use in the studio. Designed with 1/4� lineouts, the PX-320 can effortlessly be connected with an amp or studio equipment for the more advanced play. With a USB Port providing easy connection to a PC, recording and sharing music with friends and producers can happen instantly.

Pricing and Availability:
The new Privias will be available in February. The PX-320 will retail for $699 and the PX-120 will retail for $499. More information:

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