WNAMM08: New Range Of Vox Guitars

Innovative semi-hollow Virage guitars make their NAMM video debut      21/01/08

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WNAMM08: New Range Of Vox Guitars

Vox have announced the Virage range of electric guitars which they are describing as “The missing link between playing ease and perfect sound�
Here’s what Vox have to say in their press release…
Virage semi–hollow double cutaway
Advancing the art of the semi–hollow, the Virage Double Cutaway delivers seriously rich tone with a unique three–dimensional ergonomic design for perfect balance and ultimate playability. This new distinctive design features solid wood semi–hollow lightweight construction that lets you perform with ease without sacrificing the tone you need. Infuse this innovative comfort and ease–of–play with our passive hum–free Three–90™ pickup system, and what you’ve got is an instrument that far surpasses any semi–hollow currently on stage. Manufactured in the USA by DiMarzio, this exclusive pickup system is the first–ever to offer a versatile range of distinct tones – clean, crunch, and lead – in each pickup. It’s almost like having a single coil, a P90 and a humbucking pickup all in one. The exquisitely crafted Double Cutaway also features a hand carved neck joint for unfettered access to the upper frets.
Virage semi–hollow single cutaway
Now introducing a single cutaway that redefines the current standard. Featuring the same solid wood, fully carved contoured body construction as the DC, the new Virage Single Cutaway is the superior choice for immediate comfort, immaculate balance and awesome playing ease. The unique integral tone bar construction – same as that found in the DC – lets you capture the warm, singing sustain and richness of a semi–hollow while unleashing the focused attack and articulation of a solid body – just the massive sonic palette a player needs to innovate his or her own signature sound. The Virage Semi Hollow Single Cutaway also features the exclusive passive Three–90™ pickup system and a hand carved neck joint for superior upper fret access. All models feature master craftsmanship, the finest hand–selected woods, beautiful finishes and custom pearl inlays on the fingerboard and headstock and are extremely feedback resistant whether played through a small combo amp or full stack.
. Perfect fit, perfect feel.
Expressing your musicality at its most immediate and visceral means feeling relaxed with your instrument. The innovative contouring of the new VOX Virage guitars allows every player to do just that: relax for better control and better performance. Using advanced three – dimensional carving techniques, both models come to you smoothly curved and deliciously contoured for perfect balance and unparalleled playability. Whether sitting or standing this new ergonomic design gives you incredible solid body comfort while sustaining that sublime semi–hollow sound and feel.
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