WNAMM08: Rapturous Minimoog Sounds

Cakewalk release the Minimoog Tribute Expansion Pack for Rapture synths - see and hear it      21/01/08

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WNAMM08: Rapturous Minimoog Sounds

Cakewalk has announced The Minimoog Tribute Expansion Pack for Rapture and Rapture LE featuring new wavetables and 100 programs. Created by Craig Anderton, the Minimoog Tribute Expansion Pack pays tribute to Bob Moog’s legacy and pioneering work in the field of music synthesis. Cakewalk say that, using Rapture's advanced engine, Craig has created a truly innovative collection that blends classic Minimoog sounds with modern synthesis.
Cakewalk tell us that the Minimoog Tribute Expansion Pack for Rapture and Rapture LE, is a tour de force of synth programming. They say that Craig has gone beyond emulation, sampling the source oscillators from the Minimoog analog synthesizer and crafting those oscillators into advanced sfz single and multi-samples thatare an ideal match for Rapture's pristine wavetable engine. Cakewalk believe that the synergy between the rich analog source waveforms and Rapture's advanced synthesis capabilities: modulators, LFOs, StepGenerators, and FX, makes the Minimoog Tribute Expansion Pack a must-have collection.
Craig Anderton told us, "I didn't just want to imitate what the Minimoog did, because there are plenty of those sounds available. Bob's genius was that the Minimoog was adaptable to so many musicial contexts, and this expansion pack adapts his waveforms to yet another context. So while there are some of the analog classics—basses, French horn, vox humana, and others—there are also sounds like richly varying rhythms based on tools like step sequencing."
Steve Thomas, Cakewalk's Director of Public Relations, had this to say, 'Anderton is a veteran programmer, having created sounds for E-MU, Peavey, Yamaha, Steinberg, Korg, M-Audio, Oberheim, DigiTech, and many other companies. His style, which combines musicality and innovation, is immediately identifiable. These are without a doubt some of the most fluid, lush, and musically useful patches we've ever offered. They not only highlight what Rapture can do, but are beautiful sounds in their own right."
A portion of the profits will be donated to the Bob Moog Foundation, which is dedicated to archiving and preserving his research. "It's hard to overstate the contributions that Bob made to this industry," added Anderton. "I hope this expansion pack allows another generation of musicians to be inspired by Bob's continuing legacy."
In addition to the programs and waveforms, the package includes two informational videos: a photo gallery of the Minimoog used by Anderton, as well as a video with the story behind the programs.
Pricing and Availability:
The Minimoog Tribute Expansion Pack is available to registered Rapture, Rapture LE, and SONAR 7 customers for $49.95 via download.
More information:
  • www.cakewalk.com

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    Pv    Said...

    That is some crap demo. To sell more moog sounds (like who doesn't have moogy sounds for sale), you'd want to play a bit better than that to get possible excited

    21-Jan-08 02:11 PM

    Martinuz    Said...

    Coolest thing about this demo was dudes hairdo.

    22-Jan-08 02:37 PM

    Melvin    Said...

    I for one thought this thing sounded pretty good. Not sure what you (Pv) mean about the playing. Did he mess up or something and I missed it? Did you watch the whole thing? Maybe not - you probably had a session to get to. meh.

    22-Jan-08 08:29 PM

    dermorgen.blogspot.com    Said...

    I wouldn't call it a "tribute". Never. Even the "ES1 from Emagic" has a better sound and more "moog factor". Indeed, the Hairdo was great.

    Hey, and some nice (really not: Moog) sounds are included. A price of 29 Dollar would be fair.

    24-Jan-08 11:30 AM

    jader    Said...

    I saw Craig speak about this at Namm. He called it a tribute because he started with samples from his minimoog then made new sounds in Rapture. It's not supposed to sound like a moog, it's something different. And again, nice hair.

    24-Jan-08 12:58 PM

    Pilot    Said...

    A lot of talented artists have pushed a product they may or may not be 100 percent behind. I personly think Brandon is the best demo artist for Cakewalk, and loved his demo's on Sonar. I have opened for name acts as far back as 1970, and know my stuff. If you're going to post a comment, please don't make it a personal dig that has nothing to do with the product. If you have to get your rocks off, go to a porno site. There are plenty out there. Great DEMOS Brandon

    13-Sep-08 05:45 PM

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