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Take a look at M-Audio's Microtrack II hand-held digital recorder      21/01/08

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M-Audio showed us their hand-held Microtrack II digital recorder. Here are all the details on the Microtrack II taken directly from the original M-Audio press release back in December:
The extensive list of new features starts with an extended input gain range and built-in analog input limiter for capturing high-SPL sources without clipping. The high-speed USB 2.0 connection yields a faster file transfer rate. The ability to place markers in BWF files during recording makes it easy to find a specific event while editing the content. A user-created folder structure makes it possible to organize and locate files in the field. The MicroTrack II overcomes the limitations of FAT32 by enabling users to create seamless multi-part WAV recordings beyond 2GB in size. Users can also dim the backlight to save battery life and be discreet in a dark room, as well as let the recorder hibernate, then wake it up to record on a moment’s notice. A CompactFlash test ensures that the card can record at the desired settings. Additional refinements complete the package.
M-Audio’s MicroTrack handheld recording technology has been embraced across the digital media production spectrum. From cutting-edge music producers and Hollywood sound designers to top-shelf video game developers and photojournalism agencies, working professionals depend on the MicroTrack for reliability and pristine sound quality. The rugged design stands up to the most rigorous uses.
Like its predecessor, the compact MicroTrack II recorder lets users record WAV and MP3 files to CompactFlash cards or Microdrives* through balanced line inputs or built-in microphone preamps—then drag and drop recordings to a computer for immediate editing or Web posting. The recorder features a variety of connections to facilitate diverse applications. Professional-quality preamps with full 48V phantom power work with condenser microphones to record up to 24-bit/96kHz, making the unit ideal for songwriting, recording practice sessions and gigs, and capturing film-quality sound effects in the field. Balanced _� TRS line inputs also make it easy to take a feed directly from a studio or club mixer. S/PDIF input means that users can record the output of digital mixers and perform transfers from other digital recording/storage devices with pristine quality. Regardless of how users choose to record, they can monitor via the 1/8� stereo headphone jack or RCA line outs.
Since MicroTrack II lets users record directly to MP3 files and transfer them instantly to the computer via high-speed USB 2.0, users can e-mail or post high-quality recordings to the Web immediately. Musicians can e-mail demos to writing/production partners and record companies when the inspiration strikes. Business users can easily upload meetings and presentations for review and wider dissemination. Educators can post classes, lectures and seminars without delay. Faith-based organizations can quickly broadcast worship services and speakers. Professional presenters can create and sell back-end collateral content almost instantly. The included software allows users to easily edit their files and convert between file formats.
The MicroTrack II includes a T-shaped stereo electret microphone, earbuds, 1/8� stereo extender cable, protective carrying case with mic pouch, power supply unit with USB connector, and cables. The unit is powered via a long-life lithium-ion battery that facilitates recording for approximately four to five hours on a single charge (or about three hours with phantom power engaged). Users can also employ third-party USB battery packs for additional hours of top-quality recording. Recharging the internal battery is as simple as connecting the MicroTrack II to a PC or Mac via USB, or using the included power supply.
Adam Castillo, M-Audio marketing director, had this to say, “Sound quality is the top priority in a handheld digital recorder. That’s why the MicroTrack recorder is the only choice for top film and audio professionals—the recordings made with the MicroTrack rival those made on high-end audio interfaces. With the MicroTrack II we’ve taken all the input we’ve gotten from the field and engineered a unit that’s virtually indispensable to many musicians and audio pros.�
*CompactFlash cards and Microdrives sold separately.

Pricing and Availability:
US$499.95. More information:

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