WNAMM08: Euphonix Control Surface Video

Euphonix talk us through their EuCon protocol while mixing in Logic Pro      22/01/08

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We had been looking forward to getting hands-on with the Euphonix MC Control and MC Mix professional control surfaces and were impressed by what we saw...
Euphonix say that the new controllers bring the unparalleled speed, resolution and DAW integration of Euphonix’s high-end professional consoles to the personal studio. The MC Control and MC Mix easily integrate into any studio, fitting perfectly between a computer keyboard and screen, and up to four units can be connected to create a larger, integrated control surface.
The MC Control and MC Mix feature EuCon, a high-speed control protocol developed by Euphonix that enables simultaneous control of multiple applications and even workstations over an Ethernet cable at 250 times the speed and eight times the resolution of MIDI. EuCon automatically detects whatever application is in the foreground and instantly sets the high-resolution touchscreen and OLED displays, motorized faders and arsenal of controls to match.
Euphonix has worked closely with the world’s leading software developers like Apple, Steinberg, MOTU and others to deeply integrate native EuCon support into their DAWs to provide high-resolution, high-speed control over almost all DAW functions for an unmatched editing and mixing experience. The MC Control and MC Mix also support the HUI and Mackie Control protocols for even greater flexibility, at a faster speed and higher resolution than any other controllers.

MC Control
About Euphonix Euphonix, a leading manufacturer of large-format digital audio consoles and controllers has provided customers worldwide with trusted broadcast, post, live sound and music production solutions for 20 years. Key products in the Pro Series line include Max Air, System 5 and S5 Fusion consoles as well as the System 5-MC and MC DAW controllers. The new Artist Series line includes the revolutionary MC Control and MC Mix controllers.
Pricing and Availability:
The MC Mix will ship in late January and the MC Control will ship in March. They will be available at authorized Euphonix retailers at an estimated street price of £999 (including VAT) for the MC Control and £699 (including VAT) for the MC Mix. More information:
  • www.euphonix.com

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    I am legend    Said...

    This thing is "the tits"

    I really hope they release a cut-down vers. for the amateur muso

    Ya never know. It may just become some sort of industry standard, as long as the other big boys adopt their protocol.... (that's the hardest bit, of course)

    22-Jan-08 07:47 AM

    TBlackburn    Said...

    The tits? That reminds me...

    Apple have announced the iTIT - a microchip that can be implanted into a woman's breasts and play music. This is regarded as a major breakthrough as women are always moaning that men just stare at their tits and never listen to them.

    22-Jan-08 09:29 AM

    m    Said...

    This thing looks very cool, but the guys demonstrating was lame. He didn't even touch the control unit.

    22-Jan-08 10:10 AM

    I am legend    Said...

    @TBB: Comedy GOLD, my friend.... haha

    @m: Watch this one then, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UuSikerBuo

    It's from non-Eric (in German), but hey, you get to see him playing with it.... haha

    22-Jan-08 11:02 AM

    demo guy    Said...

    The MC Control is in Beta. THAT'S why it isn't demo'd in the videe.

    22-Jan-08 01:46 PM

    UStudio    Said...

    Its basically the euphonix Eucon verses everyone else, as far as Im concern no one else come close to euhonix, I really love you guys

    22-Jan-08 02:10 PM

    Spaceman    Said...

    Hmmm..looks nice but looking at the website it seems to be Mac only.

    22-Jan-08 07:18 PM

    Spaceman    Said...

    Hmmm..looks nice but looking at the website it seems to be Mac only.

    22-Jan-08 07:18 PM


    Hmmm..looks nice but looking at the website it seems to be Mac only.

    22-Jan-08 07:19 PM

    0    Said...

    The presenter looks like a completely clueless ditz...

    23-Jan-08 02:16 PM

    Bjarne D.    Said...

    I was thinking of buying a 01v96 and an ADAT- interface, but maybe I'm going to buy a Focusrite 26io and an MC Control. For a more flexible system, sort of speak... Love this controller!

    26-Jan-08 04:23 AM

    eek    Said...

    so if i understand this right, Ultrabeat (in logic) has 64 pages of plug-in controls. What if the control you want is on page 41. That's a lot of scrolling. useless for controlling plug-ins.

    29-Jan-08 02:30 PM

    DRaXZ    Said...

    I'm already looking forward to your video review when you have it hands-on.

    If I'm not mistaken, euphonix and jazzmutant are the only peeps that make use of an ethernet connection.

    01-Feb-08 09:37 AM

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