WNAMM08: Eventide Delay Pedal Improved

Eventide releases v2 software for TimeFactor twin delay stompbox      22/01/08
WNAMM08: Eventide Delay Pedal Improved

Responding to the requests of the growing number of TimeFactor owners, Eventide today announced the immediate availability of v2 software for the TimeFactor effects pedal. The software, free to registered users, downloads and installs easily by simply plugging the USB outlet into an Internet-connected computer, and provides users with an impressive set of new features and improvements.
New additions to the TimeFactor include SpillOver for smoother transition between presets; Feedback Oscillation increase to 110%; New Filters with greater range and versatility; Global Mix/Tempo for easier programming; improved Looper functionality and Audio Enhancements, and Alternate Aux Switch Mode for greater performance versatility. Eventide has enhanced user interface responsiveness for reduced latency when turning knobs, selecting effects, and responding to external controls.
Ray Maxwell, Eventide vice president of sales and marketing, told us, “Upgradeability is an Eventide hallmark. Contrary to the ubiquity of products with planned obsolescence, we believe in continually enhancing and refining our products long after their introduction. We have already received a great number of feature requests which we continue to compile for possible inclusion into future upgrades. It is truly a collaborative product line that will continue to develop to satisfy the needs of our users for years to come.�
New Additions
  • SpillOver
    SpillOver provides smooth transitions when changing Presets by fading the lingering echoes of one preset into the echoes of the next preset. SpillOver can be turned ON or OFF from the Utility section of the System menu.
  • Feedback Oscillation
    The range of the Feedback controls for all delay effects has been increased to 110% (it goes to 11!). This allows TimeFactor to go over the edge at feedback values above 100%.
  • New Filters
    TimeFactor v2 features dramatic new filters providing for greater sonic sculpting capabilities.
  • Global Mix/Tempo
    Mix and Tempo now have independent Global settings in the System menu.
  • Looper Enhancements
    The Looper now responds to MIDI Start/Stop commands when MIDI clock is present. Looper Beats resolution has been improved in Tempo Mode. Loop splicing has been improved making Loops more seamless.
  • Audio Enhancements
    New smooth/quiet transition between Active and DSP Bypass. Mix knob taper improved for better control. VintageDelay “Bits� control no longer introduces noise at low signal levels.
  • Aux Switch “Alternateâ€� Mode
    In Alternate Mode, the AUX switches act as Play switches when the Stompbox is in Bank Mode and Bank switches when the Stompbox is in Play Mode. Alternate Mode is the new default setting for the Aux Switches. The alternate mode switch designators are “FS1,� “FS2� and “FS3� and can be reassigned in System Mode.
Eventide’s TimeFactor Twin Delay Stompbox is the first of a series of effects pedals from Eventide, whose effects processors are fixtures in the recording and performance arsenals of guitar icons like Jimmy Page, Peter Frampton, Frank Zappa, Eddie Van Halen, Robert Fripp, John Petrucci, and the Edge, to name just a few. Eventide says it is committed to making its legendary effects available in a compact but flexible performance package with the spirit and attention to musical detail that made the outboard processors the staple of top recording studios worldwide.
Pricing and Availability:
free to registered users More information:
  • www.eventide.com

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