WNAMM08: Virus TI Upgrade

Access Music announces OS 2.7 for the Virus TI platform      25/01/08
WNAMM08: Virus TI Upgrade

Access Music have announced the forthcoming OS version 2.7 for the Virus TI platform. The new OS version includes a new control centre application for Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows XP and Vista. Using the stand alone application users can overwrite the ROM patches of their Viruses with their own sounds and perform complete memory backups for safety reasons and archiving.
OS 2.7 furthermore increases the amount of audio streams from the TI into the Virus Control plug-in by 50% and adds input side chaining capabilities. This way, users can send audio from the host sequencer into the Virus’ sound engine all digitally, process it with the TI’s filters and FX and finally loop it back into the sequencer.
The new operating system also increases the amount of ROM sounds to 26 banks with 128 patches each (that’s, including the RAM banks, a total of nearly 4000 onboard sound patches). Among the new patches are patches by Dean Coleman, Stuart Price (Madonna), Numb and many others.
Pricing and Availability:
OS 2.7 is available to every Virus TI user free of charge and will be available for download in Spring 2008. More information:
  • www.access-music.de

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    audio fan    Said...

    With access music, they just keep pushing the envelope development wise, i mean the virus ti, has had sustained feature releases, expansion in terms of patches, and its set to continue. A great investment if you by a TI, you really are getting a current product even a couple of years after release. Other synth makers should sit and take note here,

    26-Jan-08 12:56 AM

    Nick    Said...

    Yeah, I would agree. Kudos where it's due. I know they got some stick about the early Ti software, but they have more than made up for it with the on-going development of this system.

    27-Jan-08 01:15 PM

    yeah    Said...

    for this same reason i like Novation. Love companies who keep devoted to theire products and users. Roland and Yamaha totally screwed up on this.

    27-Jan-08 06:30 PM

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