WNAMM08: Nicks (late) Phone Report

Featuring gingerbread boy      28/01/08

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Well, NAMM sure was a blast, we had a very intense four days of the show which gave you tons of swiftly uploaded video – I hope it was good for you too... But unfortunately, almost as soon as the show ended, the US team all fell ill and had to take the rest of the week off. So, please accept my humble apologies for the lateness of this next slew of videos, which are rather later than we’d hoped for. However, this brief video blog type post from me – filmed entirely on the Nokia N95 8GB phone camera – gives, I hope, some flavour of the days events from actual show time. At the very end, there is a cautionary tale from PSNE’s Dave Robinson who lost his voice to dramatic effect. Meanwhile, back to the rest of the videos...

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www.GuruOne.biz    Said...

OMG.... a shirtless Nick, never again plz

You bring new meaning to the terms white, pasty and Englishman



ps. Dave's voice = LMAO

28-Jan-08 06:06 AM

Nick    Said...

Yeah, sorry about that folks - it was a spur of the moment thing - it wont happen again, I promise.. :-)

28-Jan-08 06:20 AM

Mike    Said...

Nick, that was a great one! I did watched all of your reports as a first thing in the morning. Really did enjoy every bit of it. I always do.

Thanks for the coverage. Nice one .


28-Jan-08 08:06 AM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks Mike, glad I didnt scare you off! More to come, analogue synth madness today..

28-Jan-08 04:06 PM

Kieran    Said...

Cool vid. Thanks again. always a pleasure to watch the show reports. And a podcast again!

31-Jan-08 10:14 AM

recordfactory.org    Said...

No need to appologise Nick, is worthwhile waiting for sonicstate video's. you guys bring the best (video) coverage. Enjoy watching your coverages for years. pls don't change the format.

01-Feb-08 01:36 PM

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