WNAMM08: Reasons Thor Up Close With Kurt

Kurt Kurasaki wrote the book – he should know      29/01/08

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11:59 mins
We were fortunate enough to bump into Mr Kurt Kurasaki - the man who not only wrote THE Reason book “Power Tools for Reason 3.0�, but is also responsible for many of the patches within the factory bank that comes with Reason. So if anyone knows Reason from the inside out, it is he. Kurt is a BIG fan of the new Thor synthesizer that comes as part of Reason 4.0 and was happy to give us some insight into the deeper features. The fact that it is so modular and flexible is a plus for someone who just doesn’t stop tweaking. Enjoy. And checkout the nifty way they have the screens set up to get the most out of the Reason rack..

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Click    Said...

Got Damn it get rid of that annoying click on all your videos

29-Jan-08 03:48 AM

Yes    Said...

For real nobody wants to copy this stuff a little overdoing it i think get over yourself

29-Jan-08 03:51 AM

doug    Said...

guy seems like he had a little to much opium/weed in his time

29-Jan-08 03:53 AM

Nick B    Said...

Clicks? Not sure what you mean...

Cant hear any this end and the master files seems fine. Is it your version of Flash maybe - let me know

29-Jan-08 04:15 AM

me    Said...

its on the right and its hurting my right ear every time i watch a video got the latest flash player maybe it is me but it only happens when i watch videos here not on any other video sites

Any Body else having this problem

29-Jan-08 04:49 AM

Chris    Said...

What special TFT-Display is used from them?

29-Jan-08 05:20 AM

Nick B    Said...

Its not a special LCD, but they have taken an Apple Cinema and turned it on it's side and run it that way.

29-Jan-08 05:21 AM

Spaceman    Said...

Sounds fine here.

29-Jan-08 05:22 AM

Nick B    Said...

I dont know about the noise, I really cant hear it. I know that some Flash videos do have a slight tick once in a while, it's something to do with the audio encoding portion of the transcoding process. I'm sorry if that is what you are having trouble with - not sure what we can do with it for now

29-Jan-08 05:23 AM

vestapol    Said...

No tick here (firefox)

29-Jan-08 08:20 AM

:...    Said...

Click heard here. Firefox + *proper headphones*

29-Jan-08 12:40 PM

Nick B    Said...

okay, well is it really bad? IE: like we're doing some weird copy protection or is acceptable?

29-Jan-08 01:08 PM

lagowski    Said...

He's not been on dope - he hadn't slept. Check out his website and he explains why he was so tired.

29-Jan-08 03:55 PM

autechre    Said...

no pops or clicks on this vid for me, works great like all the videos on this site. using safari and interface/monitors. :)

01-Feb-08 05:32 AM

crap    Said...

I hate the whole "tambor" thing!

01-Feb-08 11:08 PM

selercs    Said...

From the American monophonic synth (Moog) to Japanese hardware synths (Roland/Korg/Yamaha) to the European softsynths (NI, Reason, etc)...wow time does fly!

11-Feb-08 12:07 PM

B    Said...

I get the click here. Have had it forever. Thought it was something wrong on my end but have noticed it consistently.

Nick, what bitrate are you publishing the Flash at? What are you using to encode?

12-Feb-08 06:21 PM

nay sayer    Said...

This is stupid and everything he did sounded stupid

12-Feb-08 08:03 PM

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