Top 20 Weirdest Instruments - Episode 2

Weirder than ever...      14/02/08

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5:52 mins
Like a great big weird Valentine’s love monster we’re back again with episode 2 of the Top 20 Weirdest Instruments…Ever!
This time we take a look at chart positions 18 and 17 as well as some other instruments that didn’t make the chart, but for all that are still exceedingly WEIRD!
Many thanks to Tim Kaiser and Jaye Wasco for their involvement in this episode as well as the be-sunglassed Alan Wilson of Western Star Studios with his tales of the enigmatic home producer, Joe Meek. There will be more from that interview later in the series when we come across another weird instrument with Joe Meek connections (any ideas, weird fans?).

As we mentioned before, not all the gear featured in the programmes are technically "instruments" (for example the inclusion here of a compression unit). Lots of bizarre devices were considered for the show including outboard, toys & software. In fact there will be lots of surprises as we get deeper into the chart and it builds into a somewhat bizarre list of musical strangeness!

If you missed out on the Top 20 Weirdest Instruments Episode One you can watch it here.
Oh, and just so you know... This is an occasional series and episodes will be posted at odd times throughout 2008, so make sure you subscribe to the Sonicstate newsletter so that you don’t miss a single episode.

Meantime, as the professor would say, “we’ve seen the future... And it’s weird� ... So check you next time. Freak. Out.



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Antonio Sage    Said...

What's so weird about Joe Meek? I am not sure how that segment became a part of this particular episode. Still, I love these, keep em coming!

15-Feb-08 08:11 AM

a fan    Said...

What's weird about Joe Meek? WOW! Antonio, you have some serious homework to do!

15-Feb-08 08:46 AM

fiddle    Said...

Where's the Professor gone?! He funny. we like.

19-Feb-08 07:08 AM

Simon Power    Said...

Hi Fiddle. Not enough Professor in this one for you? Not to worry. There's plenty to come including a clip from his never-seen-before series, 'Synth Island!'

19-Feb-08 09:50 AM

Steampunk    Said...

Why do you keep using that little novation sketch? You should sing more Shamen instead "move any mountain!"

20-Feb-08 06:17 PM

Simon Power    Said...

The prof does plenty of singing in the Top 5 Greatest Sampler series (see link)including his lounge version of Move Any Mountain...As for the laptop sketch, it was used in the ads for the series we ran last year, but those were just teasers for the series. Thanks for watching!

25-Feb-08 07:49 AM

Soup    Said...

compression isn't an instrument...

12-Mar-08 05:56 PM

tommy    Said...

Where can you get that bass I have to have it!!

27-May-08 10:08 AM

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