On the Road: Siouxsie Sioux Part 1

Off to New York      29/02/08

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8:33 mins
I dont know what takes to qualify a person as iconic, but I suspect Siouxsie Sioux has plenty of it. From the face of Punk, to classy tracks from Siouxsie and the Banshees, she's hard to ignore. Now she's back with a new solo record, the well received MANTARAY, which came out towards the end of last year. The tour is underway,Siouxise and her band have just completed a successful US leg and are now playing to audiences in the UK and Europe. Our man on the spot Steve Evans - live guitarist and co-producer of Mantaray, gives us a roads-eye-view of the experience. First in a series, we begin at London's Heathrow Terminal 3...
    Tour Dates
  • 29th Feb Manchester Academy 2
  • 1st March Liverpool Academy
  • 3rd March Glasgow ABC
  • 4th March Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
  • 6th March Bristol Anson Rooms
  • 7th March Oxford Academy
  • 10th March London Shepherds Bush Empire
Mantaray Tracks
Into a Swan
About to Happen
If it Doesn’t Kill You
One Mile Below
Drone Zone
Sea Of Tranquility
They Follow You
Heaven And Alchemy


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Budgie    Said...

Wicked! Cant wait for the next one - I've always had a soft spot for Ms Sioux but didnt know about this new one

29-Feb-08 09:53 AM

victor_bln    Said...

I'm sooo happy that Siouxsie is back!!! And the new album sounds great. :) I'm still waiting for The Cocteau Twins reunion

29-Feb-08 10:50 PM

victor_bln    Said...

I'm sooo happy that Siouxsie is back!!! And the new album sounds great. :) I'm still waiting for The Cocteau Twins reunion

29-Feb-08 10:51 PM

Ron    Said...

funny you guys are taking rack samplers out on tour. Maybe you should look into something like the Muse Receptor. BTW "The Belle Of St.Mark" is one of my fave Shelia E tunes

29-Feb-08 11:21 PM

Jono    Said...

A F&%*d jack on the Flying V ukelele! hehe! classic :-]

Keep 'em coming, guys, this is great!

01-Mar-08 04:36 AM

Nick B    Said...

Dont worry, more to come. I have another in the can, and there is more footage coming - the band are now in the UK and we're hoping to get some more tech stuff from each player too.

01-Mar-08 04:43 AM

bentropy    Said...

This is fascinatingly banal! I like the idea of recording and broadcasting things like outboard troubleshooting, wandering around cold and lost, and getting GORP from the corner store. Siouxsie buying chocolate in an everyday NYC mom'n'pop shop!

01-Mar-08 05:14 AM

bentropy    Said...

BTW, make sure you spend some time outside of Manhattan when you do indeed have time to wander around. Seek out some smaller, more characterful 'hoods in Brooklyn, Queens, or hell, places like Jersey City

01-Mar-08 05:18 AM

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