MESSE08: Melodyne Plugin Updated

Celemony announces Version 2 of Melodyne plugin      12/03/08
MESSE08: Melodyne Plugin Updated

Celemony has announced Version 2 of Melodyne plugin at the Frankfurt Musikmesse. They say that the update of the popular audio correction tool will appear in the fall, offering as its most important new feature Direct Note Access. This pioneering technology makes it possible for the first time to detect and edit individual notes within polyphonic audio material. Melodyne plugin 2 will be the first product in the Melodyne family to use Direct Note Access. Customers purchasing Melodyne plugin after the 12th March 2008 will receive the update free of charge.
Here’s all the details in Celemony’s own words…
Melodyne plugin introduces the legendary Melodyne editing functions directly into VST-, AU- and RTAS-compatible host applications. As a result of its intuitive use and the outstanding sound quality it offers, Melodyne plugin is now regarded in many studios worldwide as an indispensable tool – above all for the correction of vocal parts. Through the integration of Direct Note Access, Celemony is now expanding the possible uses of Melodyne plugin enormously. This new technology affords access to the individual notes within recordings of polyphonic instruments and therefore hands users editing possibilities that will usher in a new age of music production.
With Direct Note Access, polyphonic audio material is ‘exploded’ in the Melodyne Editor’s display, so that the user can see the individual notes of a chord displayed at their actual pitches and edit them individually using the familiar Melodyne tools. As parameters, you therefore have access to the pitch, position in time and duration of each note as well as its vibrato, pitch drift, formant spectrum and volume.
Direct Note Access makes possible fascinating and enormously useful types of intervention in the audio material that were unthinkable before, ranging from subtle correction to re-composition. A Melodyne user can, for example, correct a wrong note within a piano recording, tidy up the timing of the individual notes of a chord and even retune an out-of-tune guitar after the recording has already taken place.

Celemony MD Anselm Roessler, had this to say, “The possibility afforded by Direct Note Access of intervening even in the chords of a recording and changing the individual notes of which they are composed heralds not only a new Melodyne generation but also a whole new era in the treatment of audio. We are looking forward to being able to offer these unique editing possibilities soon within Melodyne plugin 2 and also have exciting plans for the integration of Direct Note Access into other Melodyne products“. Pricing and Availability:
Melodyne plugin 2 is due for release in the fall of 2008; the full version will cost 349 €/ 399 US$; the update from Version 1 will cost 129 €/129 US$. Customers purchasing Melodyne plugin after the 12th March 2008 will receive the update free of charge. The update will also be free of charge for the version of Melodyne plugin included with Melodyne studio provided the purchase was made after the 12th March 2008. More information:

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    Bartal    Said...

    That's amazing - if it works.

    12-Mar-08 01:07 PM

    Steveo    Said...

    Bartal - Ohhh yes it does mate ! It works better than you can ever imagine...its like magic....see the new video demo just posted.

    13-Mar-08 04:32 AM

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