MESSE08: Vocal Education And Technology Partnership

TC-Helicon and Vocaltech link up for Voice Education and Technology      12/03/08
MESSE08: Vocal Education And Technology Partnership

TC-Helicon has taken advantage of the show to announce a vocal education and technology partnership with Vocaltech vocal school of London.
Vocaltech is one of the world’s leading educational institutions dedicated to teaching and inspiring the modern vocalist. TC-Helicon is respected as a vocal technology innovator that offers products such as VoiceTone pedals for vocalists, which unlock vocal skill and creativity. Through the partnership the two established and respected vocal companies are endorsing the benefits of solid vocal education and the use of creative vocal technology as pillars of becoming an accomplished singer. The first initiatives of the partnership will see widely available use and education of TC-Helicon vocal products at Vocaltech facilities, and connecting Vocaltech’s educational expertise to the modern vocalist through TC-Helicon’s modern vocalist resource website
Starting in April 2008 Vocaltech’s main vocal performance and rehearsal spaces will be equipped with the latest TC-Helicon vocal orientated products including VoiceSolo XT personal vocal monitors, VoiceLive vocal harmony system, and the latest VoiceTone pedals. Students will be able to practice and perform with the same tools professional singers are using on stage and in the studio. Vocaltech will be Voice Council’s first institution that will receive its own home page on the new “Methods & Schools� section of
Robert Lunte, Director of Voice Council, had this to say, “What’s great about Vocaltech is their emphasis on training all the skills a vocalist will need to succeed, going beyond vocal technique, with emphasis on sight reading, ensemble, performance and theory. Inviting Vocaltech to join us in our Voice Council community will open up singers to a leader in vocal education.� The coming year, Voice Council will continue to invite other great vocal institutions and associations. readers will be able to enjoy more great educational content from these institutions to augment the existing Voice Council instructors’ contributions. Now Voice Council members will be able to remain current on all the latest research and information regarding contemporary vocal techniques and institutions of higher learning.
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