MESSE08: The Little Synth With An Evil Sound

We get some video footage of Waldorf's Blofeld on its way to world domination...      13/03/08

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6:37 mins
Watch as Waldorf's Wolfram Franke show of a bunch of Blofeld presets and its stainless steel knobs - classy... And here's some words from the man himself...

"This one got my name on it…
For many yearss I trrick and tweek all ziss syntesizing maschinery to produce hyooch aural vibrationss. Bat zey are all not capable to produce a sound so powerfull and fäät like I need for ze big explosionss.
Zey are so big and so many zat I cannot take on the journeys, you know? My very german Waldorf syntesizing scientists heff now developed a new sintesizing maschine viz ze power of many, many maschines inside! It is so strong, I cannot believe. My enemies vill be very surprised, yes! Höh höh."
Pricing and Availability:
399 Euros More information:

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    Steveo    Said...

    Sounds great for the $$$$

    13-Mar-08 10:04 AM

    Marc JX8P    Said...

    Great product for an amazing price - but it looks to be an amazing product even without looking at that. I hope Waldorf will be right back with this one!

    14-Mar-08 06:58 AM

    César    Said...

    I'm shure that waldorf will success in his comeback with machines like this blofeld at that price tag i'm waiting from my blofeld for three months since i ask for it on the store, too many buyers!

    14-Mar-08 10:39 AM

    FIZMO100    Said...

    Looks pretty damn tasty - I just hope they don;t repeat their Q/uQ strategy, where the cheaper model kicks the legs out from under the pricier model - let's hope the Stromberg offers enough over the Blofeld to make both products viable!

    14-Mar-08 12:02 PM

    Sven from Spain    Said...

    Sounds bloody awesome.I don´t know about all of you guys out there, but for that pricetag and a very atractive interface I´d say this is quite an irresistable deal. I found the sounds very progressive and flexible.

    27-Mar-08 10:52 AM

    TM, England    Said...

    As an owner I have to say the sounds are fantastic, and its very nice for programming, but the OS is terrible. It crashes all the time and the patches vary in volume. There is a new firmware upgrade, but mine only crashes when I do a SysEx dump, so I'm screwed. I tried emailing them, but that's next to useless. Would rather be £299 better off.

    27-Mar-08 11:24 AM

    RE    Said...

    I agree with all the comments. The Blofeld is the best synth by far at this price range. Nothing even comes close. On the downside the OS mine shipped with was a joke. Wardorf support is a nightmare, but if you persist you'll get answers - eventually. Looking at the Virus TI snow aswell, but it better be really good to compete with the Blofeld.

    30-Mar-08 08:01 AM

    Peter Kadar    Said...

    This looks like it's going to be an amazing piece of gear, even if it were hundreds more. I have a MWxt, and I love it. Great to see Waldorf back on the scene.

    I hope that whatever OS issues these users are talking about get straightened out soon.

    I think its small size and tremendous flexibility will make it a huge hit in the studio. And it looks small enough to velcro to an open surface on your workstation.

    15-Apr-08 02:06 AM

    Peter Kadar    Said...

    I just tried one out at a store, and I was surprised at how easy it was to work with and tweak. It also sounded killer. when you consider that this thing is about $250 more than a Microkorg, there's no comparison. I'll be getting one soon.

    21-Apr-08 07:16 PM

    Bond    Said...

    Great sounding synth, but let down by the OS. More bugs than a Starship Troopers movie. Should have got a TI Snow.

    24-Aug-08 05:29 AM

    drA    Said...

    Own one (with OS 1.04) and it works PERFECT. Only crashes appear when: 1. You turn on blofeld while sending to it some MIDI data (eg. sequencer plugged in and working, Midi Keyboard transmitting messages...) 2. you mess with MIDI input / output in Your DAW and create a loop that makes Blofeld to send and receive same midi messages on the same channel at the same time and while that you start to send Midi from Your keyboard. Merging all those MIDI messages can crash it.

    Except this 2 situations it's rock solid and perfect sounding. So I always remember to wait 3 seconds for Blofeld initialization before I enable my Midi keyboard or launch my DAW Software. And no more problems :)

    11-Oct-08 09:12 AM

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