MESSE08: Electric Guitar Loop Collection introduces Deep Frets - Session Rock Guitar      17/03/08
MESSE08: Electric Guitar Loop Collection has unveiled a new session oriented Electric Guitar loop collection for Musikmesse 2008. They tell us that Bandmates Deep Frets - Session Rock Guitar delivers rich, vibrant electric guitar in both clean and dirty styles.
A spokesperson had this to say, “Deep Frets- Session Rock Guitar offers a wide range of versatile Rock riffs, rhythms and melodies with a lush tone. Ten full sets are included with half performed in clean style and half in dirty style. A full 65 to 120 bpm tempo range allows for maximum project compatibility. Utilizing precision editing and optimization, this collection is an excellent toolkit for creating modern rock.�
Deep Frets- Session Rock Guitar is available in Apple Loop, Acidized Wave and Rex2 formats for compatibility with most major music software packages.
Pricing and Availability:
BMT-063 Deep Frets- Session Rock Guitar is available 24/7 via electronic delivery for $29.95 USD. More information and audio demos:

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