MESSE08: Circle Synth Makes It Oh So Simple

Beautiful design, the sound aint bad either      18/03/08

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5:7 mins
There’s always the odd treasure tucked away at the back edges of the halls at MESSE and this is one that I’m extremely pleased to have discovered. The Future Audio Workshop have unveiled their Circle synthesizer – a wonderfully designed software synthesizer with a unique and simple way of working. Essentially it a subtractive synth with wavetable and regular oscillators – its programmed in a modular fashion, making it possible to add further modules as the boffins create them without spoiling the interface and workflow. Gavin Burke, who’s based in Dublin, gave me a tour and showed just how hands on it is. Their mission is to encourage people to actually program their own sounds and explore the world of synthesis opened up by Circle. Available – Soon – head over to their website to sign up for notifications. More From: FUTURE AUDIO WORKSHOP

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glxblt    Said...

Wasn't this seen on NI Massive already?

Looks nice though.

18-Mar-08 12:32 PM

x2mirko    Said...

yeah, thats exactly what i thought. the whole drag-and-drop idea of modulationsources is working just like in massive. Nevertheless, this seems like an interesting synth for beginners. I mean, most sounddesigners would know how an envelope works and dont need to see it. But its very nice for a beginner.

19-Mar-08 11:11 AM


Not that impressive sound.

24-Mar-08 07:11 PM

Shif.    Said...

Looks interesting.

Not sure how anyone could comment on the sound of Circle from a low bitrate basic video tutorial tho ;)

I await the demo!

28-Mar-08 06:24 PM

urs    Said...

Sounds like shit, low quality audio does not hide that fact.

03-Apr-08 02:22 PM

fin    Said...

Can't really judge the sound until the demo. Like the interface though.

05-Apr-08 06:18 PM

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