MESSE08:Eowave Body Sensor Systems USB and Wireless

USB8 Sensor Box and a wireless system      18/03/08

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Eowave have long been working on body sensor systems, allowing performers to interract with their synthesizers and sequencing setups. Now Eowave have introduce the USB8 Sensor Box, which has USB interface and can accommodate up to 8 sensor inputs. We also got a preview of the wireless sensor system, with a range of up to 30m and 16 inputs.

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funkdefino    Said...

You know what sucks about all these MESSE videos?

A press release, picture, and a direct link to the product is more informative.

The only reason I wanna see a product video is to see said product in action.

Watching someone fumble around a poorly memorized explanation is not very interesting or for that matter informative. In fact... it pretty much is a waste of time.

18-Mar-08 04:51 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Depends on what you expect, I guess. A really professional presentation and a press kit is certainly more informative. However, I find the videos a great substitute for if you can't attend the presentation personally. They give you a quick idea of the product (and sometimes of the company) so you can decide whether it's worth more in-depth study. Having said that, there were also some great demo's of the products (the Melodyne one, for example). So in short, just see them as quick looks around the showroom floor instead of professional product demos (which - in my view - can so planned they can be deceptive ).

20-Mar-08 10:59 AM

Xe    Said...

Really a waste of time, come on, my grandma could learn that script better.

03-Apr-08 02:01 PM

DZ    Said...

I agree with funkdefino. You can always get the same info they say in the video from other place. I'd also like see the product in action. (Or quick info would be ok, not whole video). Interesting accent btw...

20-Apr-08 04:14 AM

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