MESSE08:TC Nova Pedals Pack Power

Dynamics and Modulation models – take a look      18/03/08

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TC Electronic have had a long history of stomp boxes, their early ones being quite the collectors item. The new Nova range has added DPS power to the mix and brought two new dual-engine models to the range. We took a look at the Nova Dynamics NDY-1 and Modulator NM-1 with product manager of the Nova range who gave us a real in-depth explanation of the features. Shipping late March/April $249/€230

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funkdefino    Said...

You know what sucks about all these MESSE videos?

A press release, picture, and a direct link to the product is more informative.

The only reason I wanna see a product video is to see said product in action.

Watching someone fumble around a poorly memorized explanation is not very interesting or for that matter informative. In fact... it pretty much is a waste of time.

18-Mar-08 04:50 PM

Nick B    Said...

All of them? I think that you maybe have only watched a few - sure there are some that are better than others - but not all products are on display working.

Next time you are at a trade show, come see us and I'll be happy to provide you with a camera, then you can go film your some videos yourself.

19-Mar-08 02:38 AM

funkdefino    Said...

Maybe "all" was a bit much. I only left that comment on the ones I saw that didn't actually demo the product...

Anyway, my point is...

There really is very little reason to watch a video if the product isn't actually demo'd. Hearing what it sounds like speaks volumes over describing every little feature. Especially since the written press release should do that already.

As for giving me a camera? I have a few of my own. How about you pay me to go to the next convention? I'll direct, capture, and edit to your hearts content.

...and I swear ...all of them will be interesting.

19-Mar-08 10:51 AM

Nick B    Said...

Okay, send me a mail and we can talk...

19-Mar-08 01:09 PM

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